Why Acoustics Matter in Your Office Space


Most often office design is focused on aesthetics, with more technical aspects like acoustics taking lower priority – or being forgotten completely. But did you know that noise is the biggest cause of complaints from office workers? If you want your employees to enjoy their office space and get the most out of it, it’s clear that acoustics need to be given as much priority as aesthetics. Here are the benefits of managing noise levels and how to consider acoustics when designing your office space.

The benefits of noise management in office spaces

Noise is a natural part of office life, but it can become disruptive, frustrating, and distracting. From office equipment humming and beeping to keyboard clicks and conversations, a noisy office can become a source of stress, lack of productivity, and even illness. Here’s how a considered approach to acoustics in office design can benefit your space:

  • Employee wellness – A noisy office is a stressful office, increasing to higher cortisol levels in our bodies. This causes high blood pressure, increased heart rate, poor digestion, nausea, blood sugar imbalances, headaches, muscle tension, and anxiety.
  • Productivity – Quiet office spaces are more productive because they allow us to focus better and for longer periods of time. This also helps to relieve stress from interruptions and distractions.
  • Privacy – Easy communication is essential in an office, but without acoustic elements, it’s very difficult to keep conversations private or limited just to the group concerned. Because the sound waves travel further and over one another, it means people must talk louder to be heard, generating even more noise in the space.

How to consider acoustics when designing your space

The good news is that noise reducing acoustic elements can be introduced into your office design that affordably enhance the quality of the space without detracting from the design itself. Here are some elements to consider:

  • Soft furnishings – Soft and padded materials naturally absorb sound, so it’s a good idea to include upholstered chairs, benches, cushions, rugs, and sofas in your design. Plants, canvas art, material pin boards, and curtains also help absorb sound.
  • Acoustic panels – These foam pads are designed to break up and absorb sound waves, muting them and preventing echoes. They can be installed inside dry walling and in ceiling boards and are a high-quality option that is perfect to implement in the first stages of redesigning your office space.
  • Break up large spaces – Sound travels easily in large, open spaces, so you can also choose sound-blocking room dividers to create smaller, more private office spaces. If you want an open plan space, you can use acoustic desk dividers instead.
  • Sound masking – This works on similar principles to noise canceling Here, a sound is emitted at a frequency that cancels out the most common wave frequencies in the office – usually those caused by office equipment humming and conversation. Because they cancel each other out, conversations and sounds don’t travel as far in the office space.

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