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Most companies have a common goal: strive to be their very best and perform to their high-quality standards day after day. BE is driven to enhance company performance and culture through furniture and related services. Below is an overview of our services.

The design of a space communicates a world of information about your company to visitors and employees faster than the spoken word, and sets the mood and energy for everyone there. Does your space tell the same story about your company that you do? Whether you’re looking for custom-made office furniture or prefer to find existing furniture that’s specific to your tastes, BE can make it happen. Your office furniture speaks volumes; find your company’s voice and enhance every aspect of your business.

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BE helps navigate the complexities and confusion around complicated furniture installation, from making sure everything fits and shows up on time to coordinating with electricians and technology vendors to ensure proper functionality. Our project management services will help design a floor plan that makes sense for your company culture and increases your work productivity.

Top-notch technology allows our clients to design furniture that fits every aspect of their company. From work spaces to filing cabinets, exclusive CAD services from BE will give your office a touch of luxury.

Keeping track of your assets can be complicated. BE furniture takes the pressure off your hands by organizing and tracking all of your furniture assets. And once they’re ready for an overhaul, BE refurbishing services will breathe new life into your office furniture.

BE kinder to the planet with eco-friendly office furniture disposal. Consumers are concerned more with the state of the earth now than ever before. BE offers convenient asset removal and handles the recycling for you. Never put your old office furniture on the curb again.

Office furniture can take up tons of expensive office space that you pay good money for. When you don’t have the space to spare, BE offers smart asset storage solutions to maximize the flow of your workspace. And when the time comes to tune up your older office furniture, our maintenance solutions will get your assets looking brand new again. Achieve the look and feel of new without dropping a pretty penny on new furniture.

Custom cleaning services by BE will make for a healthier, happier workspace. With deep cleaning, extracting, chair cleaning and more, you will save time and get your office in tune with your company culture. When a bottle of Windex doesn’t cut it, contact BE for a squeaky-clean work environment.

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