Movable Office Walls & Partitions

Movable office walls and partitions enable the flexible workplace to change their interior office environment and workspace structure as often as needed – without the constraints of fixed, unmovable structures. The office movable wall gives you the ability to reimagine your workspace as the needs of the organization change, creating an innovative modern workspace with optimized workspace functionality.

Designed to save you time and the expensive cost of renovations, the office partition wall possibilities are endless. Available in a variety of materials such as glass, writable glass, wood, metal and laminate, the movable office partition can be designed to compliment your current office design. There are limitless movable wall combinations available to you.

What are the Pros of Movable Architectural Walls vs. Fixed Sheetrock Walls

The watchword in modern office design is flexibility, and architectural walls are all about enhancing that aspect. But what many companies do not realize is that there are certain tax benefits that come with the installation of movable architectural office walls vs. fixed. These savings can be significant and can help defray the cost of your new office build-out.

For more information about these tax benefits, please contact our build-out team at 973.828.0532 and we would be happy to take you through the details.

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