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Smart Office Chairs – Is Ergonomics Out-Dated?

As specialists in contemporary office furniture, we talk a lot about the importance of ergonomics – the ability of your office furniture to support you while you work and not strain your back and neck. Of course, innovative technology and designs are constantly introducing new and exciting ways to create a healthy and productive office space, and the smart chair is the latest of many contemporary office furniture ideas to extend our understanding of a healthy workplace. Here’s what the smart office chair is all about, and how it can fit into your workplace

The Cost of Posture Problems in the Workplace

The human body is not designed to sit, especially for the long hours that an office job requires. With the average office worker spending 9 hours a day sitting in front of a computer, we are getting more sedentary every day. The result is that common and often serious ailments are spiraling out of control, from repetitive strain injuries and neck or back pain to increased risks of obesity and hypertension. As a result, 86% of workers are overweight and have at least one chronic health condition, and absenteeism is on the rise – and costing companies in the USA $153 billion. The solution may be the smart office chair.

What is the Smart Office Chair and How Does it Work?

A smart office chair is one that makes use of innovative technology and connectivity to create a more integrated and effective solution to everyday office tasks and challenges. The Allsteel Mimeo is a good example of this design – a compact, stylish office chair that takes ergonomic design to new heights. It offers dynamic support while allowing you to move unrestricted as you fulfill different tasks through the day, supporting you by providing personalized comfort through resistive tension and IntelliForm back technology as you lean back, height-adjustable arms, weight-activated motion technology and more. It’s lightweight and scaled design means it fits seamlessly into collaborative office designs.

In the near future, we can expect this smart technology to get smarter and become more connected, allowing organizations and individuals to monitor how long a chair is in use and how often in order to help managers design a more efficiently furnished space, to use sensors to monitor seated posture and make incremental, personalized adjustments in response, and even encourage you to move around, stretch or take a break if you have been seated for too long. Rather than relying on individual users to make ergonomic adjustments, smart chairs will even adjust itself to the ideal ergonomic position for the individual, which is always a challenge when fitting out an office for ergonomics – especially in a hot-desking environment.

With advanced ergonomic capabilities that directly impact employee performance and wellbeing, smart office chairs are sophisticated pieces of technology that bring together the best of ergonomics, sustainability and technology for impressive results.

Create a Healthy Office Space with Innovative Ergonomic Contemporary Office Furniture and Design

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As specialists in contemporary office furniture, we can assist you with every phase of your project, from design concept through to remodeling and furnishing your space. Whether you are looking for an ergonomic solution to support your staff or protective furnishings to make your space compliant with COVID-19 regulations, we can assist you.

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How Office Furniture Can Affect Productivity in the Workplace

There are many things that affect productivity in the workplace, from office culture and leadership styles to amenities, wellness programs and reward structures. Office furniture is often overlooked when it comes to creating a productive workplace, but it too has a significant impact. Just think about it – a cheap, uninteresting and bland space is an inferior quality space that isn’t welcoming or enjoyable to use, and people within it feel inferior and unappreciated as a result. Here are some modern office design ideas from our contemporary office interiors team on how the right contemporary office furniture can create an inspiring, engaged and ultimately productive team.

Organization and Storage

Some people feel more productive as soon as they walk into a store filled with organizing goodies like files, boxes, folders, colored post-its and dividers – and we don’t blame them! A well-organized office space with sufficient, clearly marked storage for each employee helps reduce clutter and frustration, as well as making it easy to find and store documents, reach deadlines, prepare for meetings and manage workflow effectively.

Office Workflow

Although open plan, collaborative spaces are still a big trend (with COVID-19 social distancing and protection protocols, of course), it doesn’t mean that your workspace should be a free-for-all. A logical, clearly demarcated division of departments and duties will make it easier for people to work together on their specific tasks, whether it’s HR, payroll, reception or creative departments. The easiest way to create this division is to get the contemporary office furniture that’s best suited to each department’s tasks, as well as personal use furniture for brainstorming sessions, lunch and breaks. This creates a natural flow of work through the office, where no-one is in the way and where everyone has the best equipment for the job at hand.

Support Employee Wellness

It’s a well-known fact that office furniture needs to be comfortable and supportive because of the long hours that office workers spend utilizing it. Without the right support, employees can suffer serious health problems, including health complications from existing issues, back and neck pain, repetitive strain injuries and more. All of these issues significantly affect productivity, with unhealthy employees costing organizations $153 billion in absenteeism alone. By investing in contemporary office furniture that supports wellness in the workplace, you can make your office a healthier and therefore more productive space.

Adding Value

When employees feel valued by the organization they work for, they’re more productive, more engaged and more enthusiastic about going to work. Today, this means creating a space that is welcoming and comfortable, that supports wellness and provides social distancing protection and hygiene. Furniture is a fundamental part of this, whether it means investing in sit-stand desks to support health, comfortable seating to welcome clients, or protective desk barriers and Perspex desk shields to protect your employee’s health. By showing how you value your staff, you gain the loyal and motivated team you need to succeed.

Modern Office Design Ideas for a Safe, Hygienic and Productive Office Space

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