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The Perfect Touchdown Station

A modern office needs modern work solutions, and we’ve seen some exciting innovations as companies move to hub and spoke office designs and hybrid office models to accommodate a more dynamic, distributed workforce. Touchdown stations are one of these – flexible workspace solutions that anyone can use as needed. We’ve seen a new renewed interest in touchdown stations in 2021, and we’ll see even more in 2022. Here’s a quick guide on how to create a touchdown station that is accessible, connected, and collaborative.


… Allows you to connect instantly


Because these spaces are designed for employees on the go, they need to be set up so that any staff member using the station can sit down and start working as quickly as possible. After all, the easier a space is to use, the more efficient your employees will be. This applies to all types of touchdown stations, whether it is a more traditional desk setup or client meeting area, a homey lounge-type set up, or an informal space like a café. It should have a good wireless connection, docking station for a laptop, charging stations, and access to a printer, copier, and scanner. 


…. Supports wellness and ergonomic comfort


A workplace that supports wellness is a productive workplace, and touchdown stations should be designed around this concept if you want to optimize employee output. With so many office-based jobs, sitting for long hours has become a health problem, with sedentary lifestyles contributing towards insomnia, joint and back pain, obesity, and heart disease. 

Because employees need to be able to swap in and out of the space, touchdown stations should be physically dynamic and able to adjust ergonomically, as well for support and comfort. This includes adjustable height and support, as well as desks that can adapt for people who want to stand or sit as they work.


… Embraces different work styles and task requirements


Touchdown spaces aim to create an efficient workspace for any employee, any work style, and any number of tasks or roles. This means they need to offer variety in their setup too. Some great options include having more formal, desk-type set-ups near meeting rooms, so that employees can work on focused tasks or presentations before hosting them, having cozier setups for employees that are more productive in a work-from-home setting, and having stations where employees can quickly group and work on a single project collaboratively. It’s all about making these stations bring out the most productivity in your employees, while still supporting the different ways that your team works.


Create your perfect hybrid office model through cutting-edge touchdown stations


BE Furniture is an office design company that strives to create the workplaces of tomorrow – spaces that are more productive, more efficient, and more in line with how you work and where you want to be. With hybrid office models becoming a reality and setting the standard for balancing remote and collaborative office design, we’re here to help you create the exceptional touchdown spaces your teams need to move forward.


This includes Allsteel and Altitude height-adjustable desks and tables that are simple to use and quick to customize, and Empower desk and benching solutions that include everything from straight-line runs and adjustable height desks to 120° teaming pods, which can all be paired with matching storage. The brands we’ve partnered with share our vision for creative, empowering, and forward-thinking design, matching quality materials, and modern design to transform office spaces throughout the tri-state area.


If you want to create a productive and cutting-edge hybrid office space, our office design and fit-out specialists have the furnishings, expertise, and creativity to deliver it. Talk to us today to find out more about our office space design services in NJ.

Here’s a Look at Your Working Life in 2022

As we reach nearly two years into the pandemic, it’s been interesting to see how the office design environment has evolved. Our workspaces have transformed not only to accommodate health policies and regulations, but to also embrace opportunities offered by technology and productivity innovations. Today, the office design focus has shifted from “How many people can I fit in my office space?” to “How do I make people feel more comfortable in my office space?” So, with this change in focus and hybrid work options here to stay, what are our offices going to look like in 2022?

Trend #1 – Micro Offices

Businesses large and small understand the benefits of remote teams but having everyone work remotely all the time just isn’t practical or efficient. Some people prefer working in the office, some jobs require you to be on-site, and some aspects of certain roles simply can’t work without face-to-face interaction. Micro offices are one way to create that balance and reap the rewards of office-based and remote working at the same time. These small offices are custom designed to fulfill your onsite business needs, whether it’s for working one-on-one with clients, providing a team with specific resources, or hosting specific departments.

This hybrid workplace design allows you to create a professional space that supplies everything your staff needs to function that can’t be fulfilled remotely. This choice also allows you to benefit from reduced operational and rent costs, access to a wider talent pool, higher employee retention and more.

Trend #2 – Hub-and-Spoke Office Design

Not to be confused with micro offices, hub-and-spoke models are another way to balance remote and onsite team requirements. Rather than having one or two micro offices, this hybrid workplace design includes one larger central office space with satellite offices in key locations. The central office space is essentially your office headquarters and the face of your brand, with the satellite offices placed in key locations that either support a concentration of your workforce or key functions of your business.

For example, you may be a digital agency with clients focused around New York City, so you want a brand presence there. This will be the hub or central office. However, rental is expensive here and many of your non-client-facing employees may live outside of the commuter area. You can then create spokes, or satellite offices, in more affordable areas, reducing operating costs and allowing you to hire talented individuals far outside your usual search area.

Trend #3 – Lifestyle building amenities

How the office looks and feels is also changing. Health and wellness have become central to our lives, and our personal and home values are making an impact on our work lives. Because hybrid working is not going anywhere and both managers and employees are seeing positive results in terms of productivity, it makes sense to try to bring the office and home closer together.

Again, this is about bringing together the best of both worlds to create an ideal working environment based on how our communities have changed through the pandemic. We want the focus, easy access to team members, and resources of the traditional office, but we also want the freedom, comfort, and balance of home life.

This will look different for every office space, but common threads include a home-like design that makes offices feel cozier and welcoming, access to showers, bike storage, and fitness rooms, a combination of social and private spaces, and amenities that support other aspects of our lifestyles.

Designing Offices for How You Want to Work

BE Furniture is a custom office design business specializing in the development and building of innovative office interiors. We’re passionate about delivering spaces that are not just an office, and firmly believe that customizing each office design to a client’s specific goals helps to create happier, healthier, and more productive spaces. Talk to our team today about reimagining your office space in 2022 or finding out more about the benefits of a hybrid office model.

Optimize Your Workspace: Tips for Small Commercial Offices

Bigger is not always better, especially when it comes to office space. Instead of looking for a bigger building to rent, it’s important to first evaluate your current office layout. Do you really not have enough space for your employees? Or is there too much clutter in the office that takes up valuable real estate? That’s where BE Furniture in New Jersey comes into play. In this article, our team has compiled helpful office product, organization, and layout recommendations best suited for smaller commercial offices.

#1 – Clear Out the Clutter

Just like our homes, our office spaces can quickly get cluttered up, affecting efficiency and how you use the space. First, do a full evaluation of what’s in your office, going through files, equipment, and furnishings to work out what you and your team really need. While there are businesses that can do this for you, it’s worth considering giving your team a quiet day of work where they come in and help to declutter.

#2 – Rethink Your Layout

The way your office functions for your employees is determined in large part by the layout. As your business changes, your layout needs to change too, so it’s a good opportunity to look at the space with fresh eyes. Reflect on the needs of each team and look at the strengths and weaknesses of the space you have. Moving departments around, removing partition walls, as well as maximizing window access will help make the space feel larger and work more functionally.

#3 – Consider Your Office Furniture

An upgrade to more modern office furniture can make a huge difference in how your space is used and can maximize the square footage of your office layout. Old, large units can be replaced with sleek, minimalist units. Storage space can be included in cubicles, reception desks, and other vertical spaces. Bulky desks and stations can be replaced with hotdesking units or compact workstations. For a space to work, the furnishings need to be correctly sized to allow traffic to move freely and create spaces for different departments, functions, and teams.

#4 – Introduce Physical Flexibility into the Space

Your office layout can be flexible by adding in movable dividers, expandable tables, multifunctional spaces, and modular furnishings. This can be used to create private workspaces, client meeting areas, collaborative spaces, and more, making the entire square footage of your office space work for your business. This is ideal in businesses that have seldom-used spaces like boardrooms and meeting rooms that are essential, but go unused the majority of the time.

#5 – Introduce Modern Ways to Work

The traditional office design has always been evolving, and today is no different. Maybe your space is too small for all your employees since you’ve started growing – but perhaps it will be more effective to introduce a hybrid or flexible work program rather than moving to a larger, more expensive space. This way, you can optimize the space you have for essential on-site staff, create casual working space for remote employees to use when they need to, and keep your business growing at the same time.

BE Furniture – Making Office Space Work

BE Furniture is a leading supplier of office design services and office furniture in New Jersey, helping our clients to maximize productivity and safety through the delivery of budget-friendly, high-impact designs and furniture solutions. We love a challenge, and that includes optimizing functionality through expert commercial office design!

Contact us today to talk about small office interior design ideas that improve privacy, support collaboration, and help your business grow.

5 Reasons Your Business Should Not Go Fully Remote

Now more than ever, businesses are embracing and strengthening their remote capabilities. Although working remotely saves money and allows for more employee flexibility, offices still have a critical role to play in the world of work. Face-to-face meetings are still very necessary when it comes to strengthening employee relationships, improving productivity, supporting job satisfaction, and much more. Here are some of the key reasons why we’ll always need great office spaces, from our team at BE Furniture.

#1 – Focused, Quiet Space for Work

As most of us found out over the last year or so, there are plenty of distractions at home! Whether it’s noise from your kids or neighbors, chores, pets, the TV, or your partner, it can be challenging to get a quiet moment to hold a meeting or get properly focused on your work. Every time you start a meeting or settle down, a nearby leaf blower roars into action, all the dogs start barking, and a teenager starts blasting music. It’s very difficult (if not impossible) to manage these distractions at home, and that can make the office a sanctuary for anyone on a busy day.

#2 – Easier to Network and Bond

A lot of people prefer face-to-face interaction over a video or voice call, which can be quite stressful in a psychological sense. Video calls require more mental processing, involve very intense eye contact with multiple people – even yourself – and impacts our mobility. Researchers have even found a name for this issue – Zoom fatigue. These chats are also still very formal when compared to conversations that happen organically in the workplace, where you can walk into your manager’s office during open-door hours, catch up at lunch or the water cooler, or just share a quick conversation with a colleague. As informal as these interactions are, they are critical for bonding with team members, getting insight from superiors, and receiving mentoring.

#3 – Greater Engagement

While working from home, many people feel isolated and out of the loop. Without daily interaction at the office, people may feel unappreciated and uninvolved in the business, increasing risks of demotivation and disengagement. It’s not only more likely that employees feel disengaged when working fully remotely, but also more difficult for managers and team leaders to provide employee recognition, spot signs of disengagement, and act effectively to correct it.

#4 – Improved Communication and Collaboration

We collaborate, communicate, and work together far more effectively when we’re in the same physical space. Thus, making offices a necessary element for any business seeking to innovate and grow. By having spaces filled with collaborative office furniture where people can work together, employees have easy access to each other and to any tools and technologies that they need to reach their collaborative goals. We’re not saying that collaboration isn’t possible in remote working, but it certainly is more effortless when we’re all together in the same space!

#5 – Reduced Technology Issues

When working from home, every meeting starts with someone trying to figure out if everyone is there, and if anyone can hear or see them. And if the connection isn’t optimal or the settings incorrect, it’s common to have a person disconnect from the meeting and then struggle to get back in. Those are frustrating issues you just won’t have to deal with in an office! When in an important meeting with a client, hosting a board meeting, running interviews, or working on a project, the last thing you want is tech problems – and that means having a functional office space.

Remote working is certainly effective for many employees and businesses, but there are so many advantages to having a balance between flexible remote working and functional office space. When considering your options, it’s important to look at working in an office vs working remotely, and the pros and cons of each for your business.

At BE Furniture, we work to design and deliver office spaces that give you the best of both worlds, helping you leverage office design to support your employees to give their best every day. Contact us today to find out more about our collaborative office design services in NJ or visit our website at:

Office Color Psychology: Which Colors are Best for Your Office?

Creatures of habit may avoid adding colors to their wardrobe, never mind when it comes to designing their new office space! However, the right color may be just what you need to support effective employee retention, productivity, and comfort. There is proven psychology behind this, and many studies have shown that tapping into color psychology can not only improve your employees’ job satisfaction but can also positively impact how clients and visitors perceive your business. In this article, the team at BE Furniture will discuss different color options, their psychology, and how you can incorporate them into your office design.

Blue – Competence, Productivity, Reliability

Blue color schemes are well-known for creating a calm and relaxing atmosphere, helping the mind stay stable and focused on the task at hand. Bright blues will introduce an aspect of boldness, innovation, and energy, while softer blues promote a more subtle and gentle sense of tranquility. Adding bold blues to a collaborative space would be a good choice for supporting strong communication during brainstorming sessions, while softer grey blues are well-suited for focused, task-based work like research, reporting and data entry.

Green – Nature, Life, and Serenity

Understandably, green is deeply associated with the natural world, giving us a link to nature, open spaces, and the world beyond our cities and towns. For this reason, it’s an important color in biophilic design, a wellness-driven design concept that aims to support mental and physical health through natural elements in the workplace. Of course, it’s also about the shade of green you choose. Deep forest greens and sage greens ease stress and feel peaceful, while bright lime greens inspire creativity, new ideas, and growth. Workspaces, relaxation areas, and receptions are well-suited to soft and natural greens, while collaborative spaces can benefit from brighter shades.

Yellow – Bright, Positive Energy

Yellow represents the bright optimism of a new day, with all shades offering a sense of positivity and renewal. This makes it a great color for creative spaces like meeting rooms, collaborative spaces, marketing agencies, designers, and developers. A warm and buttery yellow or ochre gives the space a more grounded, earthy feel, while brighter lemon yellows feel vibrant and fresh.

Red – Bold, Agile, and Conquering

Nothing stands out quite like red. Rich, vibrant and eye-catching, it’s a color that draws attention like no other. Red is widely used in high-energy spaces like gyms because of its psychological effect on the mind and body. It wakes us up, increases our heart rate and blood flow, and even boosts appetite. Whether it’s a bright cherry red or a rich burgundy, reds should be used in spaces of action and high traffic, and where confidence is key, like cafeterias, hallways, and conference rooms.

White and Neutrals – Space, Light, and Cohesiveness

White and neutrals will never go out of style in office color trends, but they do need to be used carefully to avoid becoming boring. These colors work to open up a space, complement other colors and prevent them from becoming overwhelming and help showcase key elements of your design. A living wall of plants, for example, will look striking against a white wall, using a soft grey can help balance the energy of a bold yellow wall, and neutral furnishings will help reflect light through the space.

As you can see, getting the most out of office color psychology is just as much about the colors you choose as to how and where you use them. Because of their impact, color should be an integral part of office space design and considered as carefully as your furnishings and layout. That’s where our office design and fit-out specialists come in, offering expertise and creativity to make your office space more functional, more enjoyable, and more effective. Talk to us today to find out more about our office space design services in NJ, or visit our website at:

The Importance of Air Purification in The Office

If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s to be more proactive when it comes to protecting our health and the health of those around us. This is even more important for a business owner who wants to ensure a safe, clean, and healthy space for their employees. One of the best ways to protect those in your workspace is through air purification systems. Without an effective air purification system, viruses, allergens, and harmful bacteria can be circulated through the air repeatedly. Here’s more insight into how office air purifiers work, and options for your post-COVID workplace.

How Do Air Purifiers Work?

Rather than adding particles to the air the way diffusers and humidifiers do, office air purifiers remove them. They do this in two ways – by filtering the air and by sanitizing it.

  • Filtration – Good-quality office air purifiers have very effective, fine air filters to trap dust, pollutants, bacteria, and other particles in the air as the machine pulls it through the system. When looking for an air purifier, the best results will come from a system with a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter, as these capture the widest range of particles – even gasses and smoke.
  • Sanitizing – Purifiers can further sanitize the air with an additional carbon filter that eliminates smells and toxins (for example, harmful paint fumes or formaldehyde).

Advanced Air Purification Systems for Offices

Air purification is especially challenging in office spaces because:

  • Spaces are shared or open plan, so there are more people exposed to the same air quality
  • Many offices do not allow for free airflow from the outside, making air conditioning systems the only source of fresh air
  • External air in locations where offices are placed may not be of good quality due to an urban or industrial environment, vehicle emissions, or noise

In these spaces, especially with the lessons we’ve learned from COVID-19, we know it is absolutely critical to purify and sanitize the air. Not only does this help to protect people from the spread of germs and viruses, but it also helps prevent health issues associated with poor quality air, including asthma, allergies, headaches, and Sick Building Syndrome.

Healthy Air Makes a Happy Workplace

Clean, fresh, and sanitized air helps create a more productive and healthier workplace, helping to reduce absenteeism, prevent health conditions that slow productivity, and support overall wellness.

At BE Furniture, we know that when a business shows its support for employees by making the workplace healthier, great results are sure to follow. That’s why we recommend that air purification systems should be considered in your office remodel or fit-out.

Through our long-time distribution partner Dyson, BE Furniture can provide and install a wide range of state-of-the-art Dyson office air purifiers to help enhance the health and safety of your office. There’s a model for every size office and budget, with some models also providing heating, cooling, and humidification features. These are quiet-run systems that gently disperse freshly sanitized air through your space without being noisy, and models can be controlled remotely through Dyson Link smartphone apps. Talk to our team today if you’d like to find out more or visit our website at: