Architectural Wall Panels

Modern office furniture and design by BEBE Furniture can manufacture or specify architectural office walls products from a dozen different manufacturers, however we primarily recommend and install the Beyond series of architectural wall products.  Made by All Steel, this product line continues to be one of the most flexible, good looking, and cost effective offerings in the architectural wall marketplace. Our team are certified installers for this incredible series of movable office wall products. If you are looking to make an impression in your new office space, you’ve simply got to be looking at these kinds of architectural wall solutions in any modern office fit-out.

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Architectural Wall Panels Solution #1

To discuss design choices and costs for these systems please call our design team at (973) 335-7700

Architectural Wall Partitions For Your Office

With an unlimited offering of options, materials, textures, colors, door styles and configurations, BE Furniture’s architectural walls offer the design flexibility to create unmatched visual impact. From offices to conference rooms to storefronts, BE architectural wall has the product depth to achieve any look in any environment.

BE Furniture’s architectural wall designs can transform an indoor space while preserving the outdoor environment. Constructed using ecologically sound materials and manufacturing processes, our architectural walls are designed for sustainability. BE architectural wall helps minimize the office footprint using a variety of sliding doors. Additionally, glass options easily bring daylight into interior spaces.

Movable Architectural Office Walls vs. Fixed Sheetrock Walls

The watchword in modern office design is flexibility, and architectural walls are all about solving that problem. But what many companies do not realize is that there are certain tax benefits that come with the installation of movable architectural office walls vs. fixed. These savings can be significant and can help defray the cost of your office build-out.
For more information about these tax benefits, please contact our build-out team and we would be happy to take you through the details.