Modern Office Cubicle Systems New Jersey

Perfect for both open workspace areas or more traditional cubicle layouts, BE Furniture’s adaptable modern office cubicle systems are a great way to maximize your employee work space, giving you the ability to divide up and configure the office space in a variety of ways. With easily connectable office cubicle walls and accompanying cubicle system panels and accessories, you can create both a functional and efficient office workspace solution – without breaking the budget.

Panel and Cubicle Systems

Keep the workspace clutter free – panel and cubicle systems provide organizational storage components for office accessories or personal items to be stored away. Also known as modular room dividers, panels add flexible design convenience and privacy between modern office cubicles by separating workstations. We have a host of panel options and materials for you to choose from.

Portable Partitions

Set up any space and build custom and easy to move around workspaces at an affordable price. Portable cubicle partitions give you the flexibility to organize and rearrange workspaces as needs arise and change. These office divider partitions provide a flexible solution to an open floorplan, and eliminates the need to do costly renovations. Optimize productivity and have meetings on the go with these easily movable wall partitions.

Panel And Cubicle System Accessories

There are many options to kit out your office cubicle systems with accessories to help your grow and configure as your need and storage options to maximise space and document accessibility.

  • Cubicle/Partition Organizers & Accessories
  • Overhead Storage Cabinets
  • Panel System Hardware
  • Panels and Partitions
  • Work Surfaces

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