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BE furniture has helped thousands of commercial businesses design and select the perfect furniture, layout and aesthetics for their ultimate modern commercial office space.

But what is an “ultimate office space” exactly?

Commercial Office Furniture – Desks & Chairs As you might expect, the concept means different things to different people. Young technology companies love a modern, colorful workspace with an open floor plan. Law firms and financial companies often prefer the solid look of dark wood tones, and a layout that creates separation and privacy. Those renting expensive office locations in a large city need to fit large numbers of people into small spaces, while allowing them to remain productive and un-cramped, with comfortable teaming areas where people can stretch out.

Still, after decades of work with companies in every industry both large and small, there are a few things that we believe the “ultimate office space” absolutely must include.

  1. Your office space must reflect the vision and style you want for your company.
  2. The space you create is a clean and welcoming environment for your employees. Your office space should make them want to come to work.
  3. Your space meets all your requirements for cost, while still bringing you a modern and effective layout that can be expanded as needed.
  4. Your workspace impresses perspective clients and partners and conveys the image you want.

BE Furniture does more than sell office furniture: we help you construct your company’s culture, one desk, one workstation, and one wall at a time.

Commercial Office Furniture Space

Contemporary Commercial Office Interiors

As a nationally operating commercial office furniture distributor, BE Furniture represents over 50 different manufacturers of Office furniture with certified installers to manage and implement your entire space transformation from soup to nuts.

Our commercial office interior and furniture partners represent the most value and quality oriented names in the business. Names like Hon, Allsteel, Indiana Furniture, JSI Furniture, Global, and dozens more.

Many large Commercial Office Interior Design Companies claim to be customer oriented. But we invite you to talk to us before you decide on a partner for your office project. Our corporate leadership team is involved in each and every project we undertake, and most of our team has been with us for decades. When you have experience that deep, and a skilled team to carry it out and support you forever, then you’ll really know what customer service in a commercial office furniture partner is.

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Whether you are simply buying pieces from one of the many manufacturers we represent or you are looking for a full conceptualization and implementation of your new office environment, BE Furniture can help. We are based in New Jersey but ship and install environments all over the USA and all over the world.
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