What Do Your Employees Want from Your Office Design?

Your employees are the heart and soul of your company. Making sure they are comfortable, productive, and able to work efficiently should be a top priority for business owners. Here are a few things that research shows office workers want from their work environments:

Natural Elements for Office Design

Many office workers spend the vast majority of their days in-doors and in traffic. A study by Human Spaces showed that office workers want natural light, live indoor plants, quiet work spaces, bright and/or natural colors, and a view of the sea. 

While many business owners won’t be able to offer employees a view of the sea, bringing in some of the other natural elements doesn’t necessarily equal an office fit out. Remember that colors and an indoor environment can affect everything from an employee’s mood to their productivity levels, so meeting their needs of being closer to nature and working in a peaceful environment benefits everyone.

Incorporating Music into Your Office

Sounds are another thing that employees crave at work. According to a study by Musicae Scientiae, music improves moods and decreases the negative effects of stress in the workplace.

A Space That Is Designed for Them

Your workplace is for your workers, right? Keep the type of work in mind when designing your office. Make sure there are collaborative spaces as well as private spaces where serious and intense work can be done.

Glass Partition Wall

A glass partition wall system can create a sense of privacy without closing off certain sections of the office space to others. Whether you need a more private boardroom, breakaway area or extra space for your workers, a glass partition wall from BE Furniture will do the trick. 

Contact the team at https://www.befurniture.com/ for more information today.

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