Here’s a Look at Your Working Life in 2022

As we reach nearly two years into the pandemic, it’s been interesting to see how the office design environment has evolved. Our workspaces have transformed not only to accommodate health policies and regulations, but to also embrace opportunities offered by technology and productivity innovations. Today, the office design focus has shifted from “How many people can I fit in my office space?” to “How do I make people feel more comfortable in my office space?” So, with this change in focus and hybrid work options here to stay, what are our offices going to look like in 2022?

Trend #1 – Micro Offices

Businesses large and small understand the benefits of remote teams but having everyone work remotely all the time just isn’t practical or efficient. Some people prefer working in the office, some jobs require you to be on-site, and some aspects of certain roles simply can’t work without face-to-face interaction. Micro offices are one way to create that balance and reap the rewards of office-based and remote working at the same time. These small offices are custom designed to fulfill your onsite business needs, whether it’s for working one-on-one with clients, providing a team with specific resources, or hosting specific departments.

This hybrid workplace design allows you to create a professional space that supplies everything your staff needs to function that can’t be fulfilled remotely. This choice also allows you to benefit from reduced operational and rent costs, access to a wider talent pool, higher employee retention and more.

Trend #2 – Hub-and-Spoke Office Design

Not to be confused with micro offices, hub-and-spoke models are another way to balance remote and onsite team requirements. Rather than having one or two micro offices, this hybrid workplace design includes one larger central office space with satellite offices in key locations. The central office space is essentially your office headquarters and the face of your brand, with the satellite offices placed in key locations that either support a concentration of your workforce or key functions of your business.

For example, you may be a digital agency with clients focused around New York City, so you want a brand presence there. This will be the hub or central office. However, rental is expensive here and many of your non-client-facing employees may live outside of the commuter area. You can then create spokes, or satellite offices, in more affordable areas, reducing operating costs and allowing you to hire talented individuals far outside your usual search area.

Trend #3 – Lifestyle building amenities

How the office looks and feels is also changing. Health and wellness have become central to our lives, and our personal and home values are making an impact on our work lives. Because hybrid working is not going anywhere and both managers and employees are seeing positive results in terms of productivity, it makes sense to try to bring the office and home closer together.

Again, this is about bringing together the best of both worlds to create an ideal working environment based on how our communities have changed through the pandemic. We want the focus, easy access to team members, and resources of the traditional office, but we also want the freedom, comfort, and balance of home life.

This will look different for every office space, but common threads include a home-like design that makes offices feel cozier and welcoming, access to showers, bike storage, and fitness rooms, a combination of social and private spaces, and amenities that support other aspects of our lifestyles.

Designing Offices for How You Want to Work

BE Furniture is a custom office design business specializing in the development and building of innovative office interiors. We’re passionate about delivering spaces that are not just an office, and firmly believe that customizing each office design to a client’s specific goals helps to create happier, healthier, and more productive spaces. Talk to our team today about reimagining your office space in 2022 or finding out more about the benefits of a hybrid office model.

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