Why Art is Important for The Office

Why Art is Important for The Office

Artwork for the office is often a design aspect that is overlooked, as there are usually more important things to worry about when redesigning your modern office space like layout, furniture and technology integration. However, office artwork is a part of the big picture. Did you know that being intentional with your art choices can enhance the day to day experiences of your employees and strengthen your company culture overall? Here’s how: 

Company Culture, Brand Identity and Overall Feel

When selecting artwork for your commercial office space, it is important to consider the company culture. The artwork should reflect the values and goals of the organization, and align with the overall design aesthetic of the space. A company that prioritizes innovation and creativity might opt for bold, colorful pieces that double as office acoustics, while a more traditional company might prefer classic or minimalist artwork. To give you a better idea, our client Webull is in the finance sector and wanted their NYC corporate office design to empower their employees, exude positivity and be design forward. To reflect this, we recommended displaying “words of affirmation” on the wall of their main workspace like “Intelligent,” “Professional” and “Reliable” along with their company name. Once we received the go-ahead from Webull, our in-house designers got to work creating bold font graphics, as well as other progressive artwork for their new office space.

            Important for The Office       Important for The Office  

Like we have done with Webull, office design specialists are there to help business owners choose the perfect artwork for their commercial office space, or create it if it doesn’t exist yet! At BE Furniture, our team of experts has a deep understanding of the relationship between design and employee well-being, and they can offer guidance on selecting artwork that will promote a positive and productive work environment. Our in-house design team also loves creating something new from scratch! On top of designing new artwork, they can also recommend the best placement and install each piece of art to ensure maximum impact.

In addition to enhancing employee well-being and company culture, artwork in the workplace can also serve as a powerful branding tool. It can help communicate the values and mission of the brand to both employees and visitors, and create a cohesive visual identity throughout the space. By incorporating artwork into the design of their commercial office space, businesses can make a strong statement about who they are and what they stand for.

Office Design Specialists in NJ that Support Team Building

Being intentional with artwork choices for your commercial office space can have a significant impact on how your company is perceived by employees, clients and anyone who walks into your office space. By selecting artwork that reflects the values and goals of the organization, businesses can create a cohesive environment that serves each member of your team. As we mentioned before, modern office design specialists from BE Furniture can provide valuable guidance and expertise in selecting and installing artwork that will enhance the overall design of the space. 

To learn more about how artwork can enhance your office space, or if you’re interested in an office redesign, please visit our website at: https://www.befurniture.com/

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