Top Ten Affordable Modern Office Chairs

Top Ten Affordable Modern Office Chairs

10 Modern Office Chairs That Don’t Break The Bank

You may lust after a Herman Miller office chair, but honestly, you’re paying a premium for the brand name. Yes, the Miller chairs are great. Unbelievably, there are modern office chairs that are on par or better.

Seating comfort is subjective. Whether you have back issues or prefer certain features to others make a difference in what will feel most comfortable to you. Our experts volunteered to spend some time sitting on their … seats … to come up with a list of comfortable office chairs just for you. In no particular order – because as we said, seating is subjective – here is our list.

Allsteel Mimeo Chair - Herman Miller Alternative

1. Mimeo by Allsteel is designed for open, multifunctional office workplaces. The design is contemporary with personalized comfort via its unique IntelliForm technology. The scale is perfect for movement into multiple office spaces.


2. Acuity by Allsteel is the ultimate ergonomic chair. It provides comfort for every body type by adapting to each individual user. With the assistance of Italian designer Bruce Fifield, this chair is both chic and supremely comfortable.


3. Vault by 9 to 5 uses a flowing-mesh design with ergonomic support and sleek lines, perfect for contemporary conference room furniture or other office spaces that require a slim line design.


4. Fire by Paoli is known as the chair that has it all. The gorgeous contemporary design with an included adjustable back (at no additional charge) make this chair not only great-looking and comfortable, but a great value as well.


5. Spree by Global, voted Interior Design’s Best of 2014 Chair, provides natural movement to support your body as you move throughout the work day. Want a chair that adjusts to however you sit? This one’s for you.


6. The Vesta 3060 by 9 to 5 has an executive design with fluid lines. The woven-mesh construction on the seat and back is supportive and designed for maximum style and comfort.


7. Clarity by Allsteel is the result of a collaboration with BMW DesignworksUSA. This office chair stands out in appearance with its sleek, minimalistic design. The aesthetics work in any area of the office and provide the user with comfort without any extra bells or whistles. It is simple, sleek and perfect for all locations.


8. Genie by Via has a unique look as well. Not streamlined, but singular in form, the Genie chair has a funky, contemporary aesthetic and offers extra spine and shoulder support. Adjustable for conference room or desk, the advanced controls for swivel tilt or seat slide make this chair ultra-versatile and sophisticated.


9. Liberty by Humanscale has a minimalistic look with custom lumbar support. Humanscale’s intelligently designed Form-Sensing Mesh technology offers optimal comfort and easy recline without the use of a mechanism. This is another successful collaboration between Humanscale and designer Niels Diffrient.


10. The 4U mesh by Via has the combination of Italian design and complete ergonomics for back health and comfort. The easy-to-use controls allow for body balance and tilt with continuous comfort and support.

Nobody can tell you which chair is best for you. Honestly, you have to find ones that interest you and go sit in them to figure out which is YOUR No. 1. In other words, you have to use your seat to find your seat.

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