The Ultimate Reno Guide to Your Office Buildout

Reno Guide to Your Office Buildout

BE Builds has put together an office construction guide that will focus on what happens after you choose a location, set a budget, and draw up office design plans. Here’s what to expect in the pre-and-post-construction phases of your commercial office buildout project, from our office renovation team in New Jersey.

The Pre-Construction Phase

This phase can be time-consuming, as it relies on your office buildout team to work with other parties to process important administrative and regulatory requirements. Much of it happens behind the scenes, so it’s important that clients not only understand this process but are kept updated every step of the way. This includes:

  1. Applying for and being granted the building permit – This involves submitting the final plans to the relevant building department, addressing any comments on the plans from the committee, and obtaining final approval to move ahead with the project.
  2. Getting all required insurance in place – This includes workers’ compensation, general liability insurance, and builders risk insurance. This is an essential step in risk management, giving clients, contractors, and workers a financial safety net should anything go wrong.
  3. Vendor bids – This focuses on finding the right subcontractors for the job, not only in terms of the price point but the quality of work and materials to be used in the buildout.
  4. Construction team – Selecting the different team members to manage the construction project, including the project manager, field engineer, contract administrator, and superintendent.
  5. Procurement – Once selected, the project manager can begin procuring all the necessary materials, services, and equipment required for the project. With good organization and the ability to leverage an established network, the right team can hit the ground running when the permits are granted – keeping your project on track with the projected timeline.

The Construction Phase

This is when things really get moving. While it may look messy and chaotic from the outside, the construction phase will be organized to run like a well-oiled machine, with different subcontractors being coordinated to ensure that they’re onsite at the right time with the right materials to get their jobs done.

As with all types of construction, office buildouts move from the outside in. Starting with elements such as wiring, plumbing, or structural repairs before moving onto flooring, ceilings, and walls. Last but never least, office construction teams will move onto aesthetic elements, lighting, furnishing, and final touches.

Inspections will be carried out at all stages to ensure that work is of the highest quality, in line with building codes, and the final design. Regular site visits and meetings will keep you abreast of progress and developments. While some minor changes can occur at this stage, the major elements will progress according to the initial, agreed-upon design.

The Post-Construction Phase

At this stage, you can see your final office buildout in person, with all the important elements in place. It’s standard procedure for the contractor and client to perform a detailed walk-through of the space and create a punch list of any small defects and issues that need to be corrected or completed. The contractor and team will then check off each item on the list until you are satisfied with the end result.

The last step is a final building inspection by a certified building inspector to ensure everything is up to code and in full compliance. After passing inspection, you can sign off your project with the office contractor.

The last step is a final building inspection by a certified building inspector to ensure everything is up to code and in full compliance. After passing inspection, you can sign off your project with the office contractor.

The team at BE Builds are not your average office contractors in New Jersey. With decades of industry experience, we don’t just perform office buildouts – we handle every aspect of your project from the design phase right through to furnishing your space with high-quality, ergonomic solutions, and recycling your old office furniture. With a real dedication to understanding what our clients do and what they want from their renovation, we work with you to help develop a space where your business can thrive.

For more information about our approach to office renovation in NJ, contact us today or visit our website: https://bebuilds.com/

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