The Top 5 Coolest Looking Pieces of Office Furniture We’ve Ever Seen

The furniture you choose can make a huge statement about your brand and work culture. Whether you’re revamping your workspace or starting from scratch, finding the perfect blend of style and functionality is not only important, it’s everything. And that’s where BE Furniture steps in as your ultimate destination for innovative office solutions.

Picture this: a space where every desk, chair, and fixture not only enhances productivity, but also exudes an unmistakable cool factor. Who wants to say no to that? Today, we embark on a journey to uncover the top five coolest looking pieces of office furniture, handpicked from BE Furniture’s extensive curated collection. From sleek, minimalist tables to collaborative office must-haves, BE Furniture has something to suit everybody’s taste. With our expertise in office layout design, you can rest assured that each piece will seamlessly integrate into your workspace, maximizing both utility and visual appeal. Let’s take a closer look at the possibilities for your cool new office space:

  1. Rolling Media Cart with Built-in Power Bar. Debating what room you should mount your big screen TV in? Now, you don’t have to make that difficult choice. This portable media cart is not only sleek and compact enough to store anywhere, it also has a built-in power bar so you can hook up your big screen and roll it into any room within the office!
  2. Portable Laptop Table. We believe that every office should have a handful of these laptop tables on deck because not only are they cool, they are so convenient! Have a last-minute presentation to attend? Or did you want to meet a fellow colleague in a breakout area to brainstorm? No problem, stuff your laptop under one arm and use the other to roll your laptop table to the next destination with ease.
  3. Core Collaboration Table. We’re only going to say this once: Every meeting room needs a big collaboration table that can hold all of your core team members. This Collaborative Spaces™ table by Global is perfect because you can customize it further to enhance the needs of your office. For example, if everyone has their own laptops, you can customize the table so each side has a power strip for charging – how cool is that?
  4. On-the-Go White Board! As you could probably tell, anything with wheels is automatically deemed “cool” in our book. This particularly applies to this double-sided white board cart that should be a staple in every modern office. You can even go a step further and customize the cart with storage attachments to house whiteboard markers, erasers and whatever else you may need to carry with you from meeting to meeting.
  5. Clubhouse Lounge Seating. This clubhouse lounge system by Allsteel covers all the big C’s: Cool, Comfortable and Collaborative. While it is collaborative to those sitting together, the booth construction allows privacy from the rest of the office. This furniture solution can also provide space delineation without having to reconstruct the whole layout of your office. Now, if that’s not cool… we don’t know what is.

*All of the furniture featured above is available to order through BE Furniture in New Jersey. 

Cool Office Spaces Designed by BE Furniture in NJ

When it comes to how cool your office design is, the right furniture and layout can make all the difference. A modern office furniture and design company like BE Furniture in New Jersey can help transform the different spaces within your business, so that they are more attractive, as well as optimal for each team member. Our team of modern office designers can provide expert guidance on amplifying your current office space to enhance collaboration and productivity for your people. Whether it’s selecting the right furniture, reconfiguring your layout, or incorporating innovative design elements, we can help transform your office into a space that is BEyond cool.

To get started on your modern office makeover in NJ, please give us a call or visit our website at: https://www.befurniture.com/

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