The Real Reason for Your Always-Messy Workplace

Modern Office Desk with Storage and Collaborative Table by HON

In some offices, the clutter has been there for so long that no-one even sees it anymore, but that doesn’t mean it’s not affecting the workplace. There are many reasons for this, but in our experience, it almost always comes back to an office concept that just doesn’t fit the culture and operations of the company. Maybe you’ve grown in both business and personnel. Maybe a cubicle farm isn’t the right solution for the younger generation workers. That’s where we come in! Here’s how to solve your messy office.

Your workplace doesn’t fit your purpose

A lot has changed over the last year or two, and with the Great Resignation and the changing values of younger generations, it’s no surprise that your office just isn’t working for you anymore.

Take a moment to think about where your business is heading:

  • Are you developing remote teams? The benefits of remote working are great for employees and employers alike, offering better work-life balance, no commute, reduced need for expensive office space, and more. Some employees may be moved out of the office entirely, while others come in for specific tasks or projects. This can have a considerable impact on spaces designed for large numbers of employees or for collaboration that are no longer required.
  • Are you hiring people outside your geographic location? With remote working taking off, organizations are reimagining the structure of the workplace and accessing talent from different cities and geographic locations. Some businesses are considering hub-and-spoke designs, or locating certain operations in different hubs around the state or country. This means certain spaces require more task or operations-based furnishings and equipment, and that other equipment is no longer necessary.
  • Are you offering more flexibility? Employers are also recognizing the benefits of offering employees more flexibility, whether it means coming in for reduced hours, on certain days, or even for certain functions. This means that workplaces designed for onsite employees need to be adapted for the new needs of the business and its employees. Some businesses might only have employees come into work for collaborative meetings, so individual desks might not be necessary anymore. In other cases employees might be coming in on different days, and rather than personal desks for everyone, you might have an open workspace with various different desking options.

All of these have a significant impact on your office design. People now need to be able to swap in and out of the office easily, and need equipment and furnishings for specific office-based tasks or events. A lot of equipment and furnishings may be redundant by this move, causing clutter or spaces that aren’t suiting your needs anymore. If your office design hasn’t been reworked for your new structure and operations, the result can leave you with a big mess.

Let’s give your office a new purpose through innovative design!

The age of the office isn’t over, but it’s certainly been transformed. Office design must move with these changes to keep these spaces performing the way they need to – providing space for one-on-one interaction, team collaboration, access to leadership, operational essentials, and more.

At BE Furniture, we can handle every element of your office remodel, from design and fitment though choosing the perfect finishing touches. We work with you to bring your values and organizational culture to life, realigning your space with your purpose to support growth. If you need assistance with a full office remodel, redesigning your space for flexibility and remote work, or stamping a new space with your brand, give us a call today. We’re based in New Jersey and work throughout the tristate area. To know more visit – https://www.befurniture.com/

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