The Perfect Touchdown Station

A modern office needs modern work solutions, and we’ve seen some exciting innovations as companies move to hub and spoke office designs and hybrid office models to accommodate a more dynamic, distributed workforce. Touchdown stations are one of these – flexible workspace solutions that anyone can use as needed. We’ve seen a new renewed interest in touchdown stations in 2021, and we’ll see even more in 2022. Here’s a quick guide on how to create a touchdown station that is accessible, connected, and collaborative.

… Allows you to connect instantly

Because these spaces are designed for employees on the go, they need to be set up so that any staff member using the station can sit down and start working as quickly as possible. After all, the easier a space is to use, the more efficient your employees will be. This applies to all types of touchdown stations, whether it is a more traditional desk setup or client meeting area, a homey lounge-type set up, or an informal space like a café. It should have a good wireless connection, docking station for a laptop, charging stations, and access to a printer, copier, and scanner. 

…. Supports wellness and ergonomic comfort

A workplace that supports wellness is a productive workplace, and touchdown stations should be designed around this concept if you want to optimize employee output. With so many office-based jobs, sitting for long hours has become a health problem, with sedentary lifestyles contributing towards insomnia, joint and back pain, obesity, and heart disease. 

Because employees need to be able to swap in and out of the space, touchdown stations should be physically dynamic and able to adjust ergonomically, as well for support and comfort. This includes adjustable height and support, as well as desks that can adapt for people who want to stand or sit as they work.

… Embraces different work styles and task requirements

Touchdown spaces aim to create an efficient workspace for any employee, any work style, and any number of tasks or roles. This means they need to offer variety in their setup too. Some great options include having more formal, desk-type set-ups near meeting rooms, so that employees can work on focused tasks or presentations before hosting them, having cozier setups for employees that are more productive in a work-from-home setting, and having stations where employees can quickly group and work on a single project collaboratively. It’s all about making these stations bring out the most productivity in your employees, while still supporting the different ways that your team works.

Create your perfect hybrid office model through cutting-edge touchdown stations

BE Furniture is an office design company that strives to create the workplaces of tomorrow – spaces that are more productive, more efficient, and more in line with how you work and where you want to be. With hybrid office models becoming a reality and setting the standard for balancing remote and collaborative office design, we’re here to help you create the exceptional touchdown spaces your teams need to move forward.

This includes Allsteel and Altitude height-adjustable desks and tables that are simple to use and quick to customize, and Empower desk and benching solutions that include everything from straight-line runs and adjustable height desks to 120° teaming pods, which can all be paired with matching storage. The brands we’ve partnered with share our vision for creative, empowering, and forward-thinking design, matching quality materials, and modern design to transform office spaces throughout the tri-state area.

If you want to create a productive and cutting-edge hybrid office space, our office design and fit-out specialists have the furnishings, expertise, and creativity to deliver it. Talk to us today to find out more about our office space design services in NJ.

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