Technology and Design, It Doesn’t Have to Be One or The Other

Technology and Design, It Doesn’t Have to Be One or The Other

Designing your office used to follow this line of thinking, “how many computer and desk set-ups could I fit into my office space?” A great example of this outdated ideology would be the set of  the hit TV Show The Office, where everywhere you looked you saw a boxy office cubicle and somebody who looked less than thrilled to sit in it. Thankfully, office design has come a long way. Now, more importance is placed on balancing function with design – and luckily one doesn’t have to dictate the other. In this article, our team of modern office designers will discuss how you can successfully incorporate both technology and progressive design elements into your modern workspace. 

Workstations that Configure and Reconfigure 

First and foremost, we recommend really sitting down and planning out the ideal layout of your space. The floor plan is a major factor that influences your workflow – how your core teams collaborate and complete tasks for your business. This can be tricky, especially as your business grows and you start retaining more talent. With that in mind, you need office furniture that is flexible with the ever-changing work landscape. Sit-to-stand workstations are ideal because they come in multiple sizes and shapes and can easily be reconfigured if you decide to change your floor plan down the road. 

These desking systems are available in many different colors and finishes to complement your design aesthetic and incorporate technology that helps your people in more ways than one. The sit-to-stand feature adds more movement to the work day, so your employees are not planted in their chairs from 9 to 5. Adjustable height desks also have options to add pop-up outlets and other tech add-ons to ensure each workstation is fully optimized. 

Acoustic Elements to Mitigate Sound

Another design element that can be overlooked is one you don’t see at first: sound. How does sound travel in your space? If there is a lot of echo and reverberation, don’t worry. There are ways to mitigate the sound that don’t involve constructing a permanent wall into your layout. Office acoustic products, for example, are a great way to marry technology and design within your modern work environment. There are non-permanent space dividers that are both visually appealing and buffer sound. There are ceiling acoustics that can double as funky light fixtures. There are even modern-looking structures that provide privacy, dampen sound and provide more space for storage. Not to mention, these acoustic solutions come in a plethora of colors and shapes to add a real “wow” factor to your business. First impressions are everything, and these design-forward products are a conversation starter that could make a lasting impact on new clients.  

Tech Solutions to Improve Employee Health

If your people aren’t well, then your business will suffer – plain and simple. One of the only positive impacts of COVID-19 is the more serious attitude placed on improving employee health and wellness within the workplace. Business owners have become so dedicated to this aspect, that they have actually remodeled their office space completely to space out workstations, add more rooms dedicated to health and wellness, bought furniture with biotoxic properties, and put up more walls for separation. While we certainly don’t discourage a complete office remodel, we’re here to tell you this can still be done on a smaller scale through investing in the right products. For example, Dyson air purifiers are sleek in design, can fit into virtually any sized office space and can drastically improve the air quality for your people. Another option is installing UV lights into your space to not only enhance the lighting, but also to keep your employees comfortable with more warmth. 

Hi-Tech and Modern Office Design by BE Furniture in NJ

The right office design promotes the mental, physical and social wellness of employees – not only to their benefit, but with a meaningful impact on your bottom line. Achieving this means approaching every aspect of the design – from commercial furniture to technology – creatively and with company goals in mind. Our team of office design specialists understand this concept fully, and will be with you every step of the way during your remodel. From removing your old office furniture to installation and final clean-up, BE Furniture is dedicated to creating complete business environments that prioritize the needs of employees and “wow” potential clients that come to visit. 

To learn more about our modern office design services and product offerings, please give us a call or visit our website at: https://www.befurniture.com/

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