How Tech Can Boost Workplace Engagement

Every forward-thinking company knows that employee engagement is key to the success of their business. After all, engaged employees are more satisfied with their jobs, less likely to leave the company and are more productive and effective in the workplace. While workplace relationships play a critical role in employee engagement, technology is also important to creating the right workplace culture and environment.

Technology has a significant impact on how and even where we work, whatever the industry we work in. Here are some new technologies on the horizon that could impact on how we engage in the workplace.

  • Artificial intelligence: AI is slowly becoming more prevalent in high-tech work environments and shows incredible promise for the not-so-distant future. With the right application of AI, buildings could self-regulate temperature, lighting and air quality. Work environments have even been designed using AI, like the headquarters of software giants AutoDesk in Toronto, to maximize workflow and productivity.
  • Sensors: High-tech sensors form a foundation for advanced tech in the workplace, including AI. These sensors can be designed to detect and record all kinds of workplace data, from motion, light and sound to temperature, proximity, pressure and air quality. Through these sensors, companies can draw on huge amounts of data about how employees interact with their environment – making it easier to manage the workplace environment more effectively. Better temperature management and noise masking, for example, would lead to reduced workplace conflicts and a more comfortable office space.
  • Production-specific tools: We’re already seeing a lot of these in the workplace and we can expect to see them continually refine their processes in the future. From file-sharing and project management interfaces to software that automates previously manual processes, these tools make jobs easier, more collaborative and more efficient. When employers invest in these technologies, they are demonstrating the value they put on their employees’ time and capabilities as well as their enjoyment of their jobs.

Modern Office Design Ideas to Create a More Engaged, Productive Workplace 

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