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What do modern reception desks have to offer?

Thinking about upgrading your company’s reception area? This advice is just what you’re looking for!

Your company’s reception desk is the first thing your clients and visitors see of your business, so it’s important that it delivers the correct impression. It’s also a heavy traffic area where staff have to deal with a wide range of services and requests, so it needs to be highly functional as well as make an impact.

Here are just a few benefits of modern office reception areas:

  • Creating a professional impression of your business
  • Increasing customer service and sales efficiency
  • Boosting productivity and work ethic of staff
  • Creating a positive, productive atmosphere in the workspace

In terms of functionality, reception desks differ from model to model, so you can find one that suits the needs of your office space and assists receptionists and assistants in completing their tasks. Some desks are more limited, offering a smaller workspace. These are great for workplaces where the primary function of the receptionist is to sit and answer telephones, and where the reception area itself is limited in space. At the other end of the spectrum are highly functional reception desks that offer unique design statements as well as adequate space for multiple receptionists, storage space, computer space and more. In fact, some companies even offer clients the ability to customize their reception desks in order to deliver a totally bespoke product.

Reception desks are generally available in a range of materials that include wood veneer, solid wood, glass, stone and PVC, and can range from standard, classic reception desks to very creative options that really highlight the brand and catch the eye. It’s important, however, that companies choose a desk that fits in well with the aesthetic they are trying to achieve in the office space. A back-lit, blue colored PVC reception desk in a wave shape may look great at a beauty spa, but would look out of place in a legal office. Likewise, a 10-foot solid mahogany reception desk wouldn’t fit in well at a small, trendy marketing company, but would look right at home in a large corporate space.

Find the ideal modern reception desks and contemporary office furniture for your space

At BE Furniture, you can explore our full range of high-quality, contemporary reception desks and create an office reception area you’ll be proud to show to your clients. From customized pieces to ready-assembled premade desks, we offer a great selection of choices for any business – whether you’re a small company starting to make its mark or a large corporation seeking an upgrade.

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What Makes an Office Reception Desk Stand Out?

Due to the fact that the office reception desk is the first thing that clients (and potential clients) see, it makes logical sense that it should create an immediate positive impression. When it comes to the classic office reception desk, there are many pleasing, varying designs from which to choose from. It is also comforting to know that if you place trust in the right company, it is possible to customize the furniture from scratch according to your company’s brand, needs and budget constraints. Here are some important considerations to keep in mind when investing in a new modern office reception desk.

Tips For Buying Office Reception Desks

The office reception workspace is a very important aspect of any company’s image. As a result, it is wise to invest in the best possible quality that you can afford. Things like fake wood and cheap-looking plastic finishes definitely won’t create that important positive impression. Something such as chromed metal, with classy glass tops, on the other hand, will be sure to do the exact opposite.

For those who want to make the right decisions when it comes to furniture customization, it is also always a good idea to have your company’s logo printed on the front of the reception desk. This can be expensive. Therefore, if it isn’t possible to do something to this extent, it might be wise to consider having a desk made in your company’s colors. Ultimately, you want your reception desk to be a worthy, complementary extension of the brand itself.

Here at BE Furniture, we make it a priority of ours to ensure that our clients have access to the best quality, most affordable contemporary office furniture in the country. From customized masterpieces to ready-made beauties, the choice is yours.

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