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Creating Privacy in Open, Collaborative Office Spaces

These days, collaboration is the name of the game in the modern workspace. The walls are coming down, communication is actively encouraged and design focusses on pushing the sharing of ideas. The open office concept, even with office cubicle systems is more open than ever before – so where does that leave privacy?

Why is Privacy Important? 

If open concept design fosters some of the most desirable employee behaviors – collaboration, creativity, communication and problem-solving – then is privacy important enough to incorporate into office design. The short answer is: yes!

  • Private meetings: There is always a need for a private meeting space, whether it’s to talk to a client one-on-one, meet with employees, hold performance reviews or board meetings.
  • Distraction-free space: Once brainstorming and other collaborative sessions are over, employees need a distraction-free space where they can focus without the distractions or interruptions of other collaborations going on around them. Having a quiet space is also about personal preference, and some employees require privacy in order to focus and get their best work done.

So, What is the Solution? 

Businesses don’t have to choose one design concept or the other – it’s all about balance. In order for collaborative, open concept spaces to truly work, they need to be balanced with privacy needs and requirements. These will be different according to your company, industry and corporate culture, so a lot of thought has to go into getting the balance right. Some ideas to inspire you include:

  • Designated quiet spaces that are multi-use, where an employee can come in to work as they require, whether it’s to complete a task or answer a phone call.
  • Screening, which can be mobile (to move as needed for different needs or as a layout changes) or fixed in place. These can screen off lounges or meeting tables, providing visual privacy and reducing distractions. You can also get desk mounted screens that divide different workstations.
  • Soft furnishings and noise absorbers ensure that sound doesn’t travel easily throughout the office, allowing people to talk and type without distracting others or making it difficult to communicate. Soft carpets and rugs, noise absorbing panels and white noise machines are all good for creating a quitter space without sacrificing your open concept.

Balance Privacy and Collaboration with Modern Office Cubicle Systems

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Is your Out-of-Date Office Design Costing You Talent? Yes!

If you’re not convinced, just think about this statistic from Mindspace research, that 21% of 18-24 years olds have rejected a potential employer because of the poor design and/or lack of amenities of the workplace. Or that 34% would be willing to commute for an impressive 60 minutes if it meant working in a ‘perfect’ environment. And it’s not just affecting your company’s ability to draw in new talent, since 31% of workers were found to be bored with their current work environment, with 28% describing it as outdated or dull. Bored, outdated, dull… these are not words you want associated with your brand!

These Numbers Seem Acceptable, But They’re Growing 

Millennials are now entering the workforce in large numbers and will constitute over 50% of the working population in just a few years’ time. This means that these numbers are only going to grow – so, if companies want to start attracting today’s top performers as well as tomorrow’s bright new talent, they need to take a long, detailed look at the work environment that they have to offer.

So, what are Millennials Looking for in Office Design? 

While the first step is acknowledging that your current office design isn’t making the right impression, the next step is to find out what will.

Designers are seeing a strong push driven by this working population for more agile space with different, character-filled spaces. The feel has moved away from ‘corporate’ to spaces that feel individual, quirky and appropriate for the industry. Millennials want to feel at home in their office space – to have a sense of ownership and input. This means incorporating wellness and relaxation features like gyms, ping pong tables and gardens into your space. Companies should aim to reflect the vibrancy of their city or town as well as their industry, making themselves part of the community and investing in sustainability measures as well as local community initiatives.

Flexibility is key too, with an emphasis on open, collaborative spaces, hot-desking and co-sharing facilities as well as flexible work policies. Natural light and nature are also a big feature, not only for making a space attractive but also for supporting wellness and creating a more productive space.

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