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Is Remote Working the Future of your Business?

Often, the commute to and from the workplace is the most dreaded and unpleasant aspect of anyone’s workday – and with traffic, early mornings and the expense of fuel, it’s difficult to see the upside of the traditional commute. Many companies feel the same way and are starting to implement remote working as a solution.

What are the Benefits of Remote Working? 

While the absence of a daily commute is the one benefit everyone knows about, there are several other benefits to this policy. These include:

  • Increased productivity: Whether you’re at home in your pajama’s blasting your favorite music, at a coffee shop sipping your local brew or in a high-tech hot-desking spot, you’ve done one thing that’s been shown to directly boost productivity: creating the perfect work environment. In fact, a survey by TinyPulse revealed that 91% of remote workers said they were more productive than in the office.
  • Fewer distractions, better time management: The traditional mindset of a 9-5 office job lends itself to distractions and time wastage when compared to flexible remote working where employees are motivated to complete tasks quickly to have greater freedom in their day. Offices are also noisy places – phones are ringing, people are talking, employees get interrupted – this is all minimized with remote working.
  • Big savings: By allowing some or all of their employees to work remotely, businesses are experiencing significant savings. Smaller office spaces, reduced utilities costs, and reduced expenditure on office furniture and supplies.

Does Remote Working Mean the End of the Office? 

No – remote working should be a partnership between employees and the company, allowing staff the flexibility and support to achieve their full potential, whether they prefer the collaborative space of the office or the quiet and independence of remote working. It empowers employees to do their best work, makes them feel trusted to complete their tasks without being micromanaged, and rewarded with the freedom to achieve a better work-life balance. Even with a comprehensive remote working policy, companies still ensure that staff have regular meetings, sessions and more in the workplace – ensuring that networking and creativity flows freely.

Make Your Modern Office Design Ideas a Reality with Innovative Contemporary Office Furniture in NJ 

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Taking a Look Inside the New Bloomberg HQ

Bloomberg’s new HQ in London, designed by Norman Foster, was unveiled in October 2017 and is often touted as the world’s most sustainable office design. Located in the prestigious Square Mile, the building’s design and future mark a very real change in what commercial architecture means.

Awareness of its Place in London’s Flow, Society and History 

This project required two buildings to be removed from the site, namely Bucklersbury House and Temple Court. These buildings in many ways symbolized where commercial development used to be – from the shoddy removal of a Roman temple discovered on the building site to ignoring street patterns, breaking height restrictions and prioritizing parking space with little regard for pedestrians.

In contrast, the new buildings showcase the change in commercial architecture and design to something that fits comfortably into the city skyline while still fitting in an astonishing 1.1 million feet of workspace. It offers a restaurant-lined arcade for staff and the public, walkways that include a new square lined by sculpture and foliage by artist Cristina Iglesias. The Roman temple has been carefully moved back to its location as well, housed in a dedicated public museum in the double-height basement that is also home to over 14,000 items discovered during the build. Pedestrian traffic also has easy access to public transport, thanks to the new exit for the Bank Tube station.

The building is also renowned for its sustainability and energy efficiency, making use of several complex systems designed into the structure itself to maintain comfortable temperatures at minimal energy costs. It also harvests and utilizes rainfall, filtering it for building use in its own plumbing systems. The project increased its sustainability rating further by going local for much of its materials and systems, with almost 90% of the project’s cost being spent in the UK. Even the wall panels are woven with Yorkshire-sourced wool.

This building, from its foundations upwards, shows a new age of commercial architecture that is built on respect for the environment, for the people who work in it, the city it is located in and even the people who walk past it.

Modern Office Ideas Built the Workplaces of a Better Future 

BE Furniture is a full-service corporate office design, collaborative furniture and contemporary office furniture company, offering a wide range of environmentally-sensitive and innovative products and services for innovative boardrooms and contemporary office interiors. For more information, please contact us today or visit our website at https://www.befurniture.com/

Quick and Easy Ways to Refresh Your Office Space

If your offices and office reception area is feeling a little tired and uninspiring, there’s a lot you can do to improve it – even if you don’t have the budget for a big remodel. Here are some easy, affordable modern office ideas to freshen up your space.

  • Add some green: Plants add life to an office, quite literally. They’re inexpensive and, if you choose the right plants, easy to maintain. They are also great for improving employee wellbeing by filtering air, reducing stress and boosting moods. Good plants for office spaces include snake plants, ficus, aloes (for sunny offices), orchids, and peace lilies. Be sure to check the plants light and water needs so you place them in the right areas of your office and, if you don’t want the hassle of caring for them yourself, there are companies who will supply and maintain office plants for you.
  • Upgrade your lighting: If the mood and productivity at your office is low, your lights may be to blame. Poor lighting can lead to eye strain, headaches and mood problems, while good lighting – especially natural light – improves wellness, productivity and energy levels. Increasing natural light in your office through architectural glass walls or replacing old light bulbs with energy-saving LED bulbs will refresh your office and save on energy costs.
  • Get personal: Letting your employees add personality to their workspace is one of the best ways of injecting new life into your workplace. Simply develop a few policies and basic guidelines outlining acceptable décor and other limitations and encourage your staff to exercise their creativity.
  • Add art: Art is an underutilized resource for adding color, character and creativity to the workplace. Try think beyond bland office art and connect with your brand if you want to really inspire and energize your staff. For example, if your company is focused on Green initiatives then professional scenic and wildlife photography is a great choice, or if your company works in the media space then classic movie posters will be perfect.

Make Your Modern Office Design Ideas a Reality – Affordably 

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How to Reduce Your Workplace’s Energy Bill… by Half

Did you know that energy represents around 19% of total expenditure for a typical office building? With a statistic like that, it’s no surprise that more and more businesses are looking to invest in solutions and modern office design ideas, while they may cost more upfront, that offer significant energy savings over the long-term – potentially cutting your energy bill by up to 50%. So, what are the most effective ways to achieve this? Here are some insights from our team of contemporary office furniture specialists.

  • Get an energy audit: Before you start to fix a problem, you have to know what you’re dealing with. An energy audit – which many utility companies offer for free to commercial clients – will show you exactly where the money is going each month and how it changes through the seasons.
  • Switch it off: A simple policy can save a huge amount of money. Printers, computers and other office equipment should be turned off each night. That goes for TVs and other electronic devices too.
  • Bring in the sunlight: Natural lighting is better for productivity and for your energy bill. Architectural walls made of glass will ensure that light can travel further into your office space, and it’s also worth it to look at removing excessive artificial lighting. Another good idea is to replace bulbs with high-efficiency rated LED bulbs – you can save $1 per month per bulb while benefiting from a longer-lasting and more earth-friendly solution.
  • Make your lighting more flexible: Many offices have lighting that is always on, whether there is someone in the space or not. Automatic dimming controllers and motion sensor lighting will make lighting more comfortable and more energy efficient – and with lighting accounting for 20% of the electricity used in commercial buildings, the savings will add up.
  • Upgrade your HVAC and keep it serviced: HVAC equipment is responsible for the air quality and comfort levels in your building, and this essential system is responsible for a big proportion of your energy bill. Upgrading to a new, high-efficiency system will result in long-term savings and you may even qualify for state rebate programs. Keeping the system regularly serviced will ensure your running costs stay as low as possible, as blocked filters can increase energy usage by 25%.

Modern Office Design Ideas and Solutions for an Energy-Efficient Workplace 

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Inside Activity-Based Working (ABW)

Activity-Based Working is a design philosophy that’s become a big trend over the last few years because it effectively contributed towards cost-savings on office real estate and furnishings – but that’s not the only reason. Even more significant savings over the long term can be seen in a far broader and more subtle area – the system’s ability to foster employee wellness on a mental, physical and social level.

Modern Office Design Ideas and Our Natural Environment 

Unlike traditional workplace designs like cubicles, rows of desks or even private offices, ABW actually emulates our natural environment. Biophillic characteristics, which are the instinctive human affiliations with the natural world, are an integral part of this design. These include the incorporation of natural lighting and diurnal working hours, the incorporation of plants and natural materials, access to fresh air, and much more. Even the structure of ABW spaces mimic our ancestors need to move from place to place through the day for different activities and to fulfil different needs.

The benefits of these design ideas are a significant driver behind modern architecture for homes and businesses, to make our man-made structures more like the outdoors and less like closed-off internal spaces. So, what are the actual benefits? Or is this just another trend?

Mental, Physical and Social Health Benefits of ABW 

Rather than being offered a space in which to work that is exactly the same as any other, ABW spaces offer workers the ability to pick a place of their own in which to work that suits their particular needs. Some people, after all, work best in silence and without distraction, while others thrive on high energy and collaboration. Having spaces to suit a range of personality types means workers are more comfortable, less stressed and more productive thanks to their ability to select and control their environment.

A lack of physical activity is a very real threat to the health of modern office workers, and this is compounded by having to sit at a desk for 10 or more hours a day in front of a screen. Diabetes, heart conditions, obesity and depression are all linked to sedentary behavior – and workers with compromised health are not going to be realizing their potential. ABW spaces encourage movement through multi-use, flexible spaces, seated and standing desks, and by making it easier to encourage fitness and health initiatives in the workplace. Higher fitness levels mean healthier, more motivated and more creative employees, as well as less sick days.

The social nature of AWB spaces with their emphasis on collaboration, casual interaction and decentralized structure also brings significant benefits to worker health and your company’s bottom line. It encourages your employees to bond and work together openly, making stronger teams. It makes sharing skills easier and more effective, helping your employees grow. It helps ideas spread and turn into actionable concepts, driving positive risk-taking and innovation. And this sense of community and shared growth creates social responsibility and bolsters emotional wellbeing.

Promote Organizational Health Through Contemporary Office Interiors and Furniture 

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Be Inspired by the “Colors of Humanity” Building for Doctors Without Borders

In 2017, Steven Holl Architects won the privilege of designing the new Geneva headquarters for humanitarian aid specialists Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières). Their innovative plans beat stiff competition from internationally acclaimed firms as their energy-efficient “Colors of Humanity” design caught the eyes and hearts of the organization.

Modern Office Design Ideas and Features of the Colors of Humanity Building 

The primary impact of this design is captured in its elegant façade of multi-hued photovoltaic glass. This glass box design is created from panels that are 40% transparent with red, blue, and green tints, that perform two vital duties in the function of the building. Not only does it create the interior framework of the building inside, it also produces up to 72% of the building’s energy requirement. It’s also designed to be open-ended, so the building can be easily expanded to fit future needs.

Each block of colored glass along with the building’s stacked block formation designates the functions of the internal space of the building. This design along with communal seating areas and walkways will create a flow that fosters collaboration and community. This open dialogue and interaction between the 250-strong staff team is an essential part of the building’s design and reflects trends that giants like Google and Facebook have adopted with great success. Furnishings for this space will complement this design through collaborative desk solutions and multi-use office spaces.

The large rooftop garden is another striking feature. Lush with plant growth, this provides a natural contrast to the high-tech glass, and solar panels installed in the rooftop garden will further supplement the building’s energy.

To further the building’s ecologically-friendly design, it will make use of a system called Genilac, which pulls water from Lake Geneva to heat and cool the building.

Construction on this exciting project should begin in 2019 next to the Kengo Kuma-designed Institute of Higher International Studies and Development.

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