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Why are Offices Becoming More Casual?

Office dress codes have been slowly disappearing over the years, and the days of wearing suits and ties are over. These days, many businesses are opting for a more casual look and business-casual policies are common even in the financial services industry. This trend is about more than just clothes, however – companies are reducing their levels of hierarchy and bringing junior and senior staff closer together. Business communication is less formal and more straight to the point. Even office interiors are becoming more connected and more casual, with mahogany corner offices being transformed into collaborative shared spaces. So, why is this happening? Here are some insights from our corporate office furniture team.

  • Technology: Tech has made the workplace more connected and more interactive than ever before. Where communications used to have to go through secretarial pools and formal business processes, it’s now easier and faster for a supervisor or manager to simply email or text a person directly. Large chat groups are common for projects and workplace tools like Slack or Hangouts blur the line between formal and business communications, minimizing protocols if not doing away with them completely.
  • Flexible workplace design: Technology has also had a significant impact on workplace design. With mobile devices, there’s no need to stay in one place to get work done, leading to casual collaboration in conference rooms, multipurpose spaces and common areas. This has led to modern office design focusing on creating these spaces rather than the traditional separate offices of more formal designs. Cafes, gardens, and comfortable lounges are common in even Fortune 500 companies and less formal office clothing and communication styles simply suit this new environment better.
  • The rise of creative industries: The economy is constantly evolving, and more creative industries are taking over the spotlight from formal services and traditional industries. Everything from software design and social media to digital marketing is embracing more creative and out-of-the-box thinking, and that means re-imagining the workplace into a more inspiring and diverse space. Having a more creative and more casual workplace is also key to attracting top talent in these industries.

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4 Easy Ways to Refresh and Re-energize Your Workplace

Is your office looking a little dull, a bit boring or lacking in character? Here are some tips from our team of corporate office furniture specialist in New Jersey on how to bring some new life and energy into your office in easy, affordable ways.

  1. Upgrade the lighting: As office remodeling and furniture specialists, one of the first things we notice in an office is poor lighting. Lighting plays a huge role in the mood of a workspace and poor lighting leaves people feeling stressed, strained and unwell. It’s a source of migraines as well as creating a harsh or dingy environment, and it impacts your energy bill too! Replacing old bulbs with energy-saving LED bulbs with dimmers isn’t expensive and allows people light their space to suit their needs. A bigger project is to try bringing in more natural light by using solutions such as architectural office partitions made of glass.
  2. Add some nature: Plants literally add life to your office – and are cheap and easy to maintain. They also improve mental wellbeing, add interest and clean the air. Great plants for the office include snake plants, peace lilies, ficus, aloes, orchids and rubber tree plants. Check with your local nursery or office plant supply specialist to find out what plants are right for your office as they do have different light and water requirements.
  3. Mix in some sit stand desks: These are a popular option for many modern offices and are ideal for reducing excessive sitting time that increases health risks for office workers. Start by finding out how many people want to give them a try and add a few as hot-desks for everyone to get used to rather than replacing them all. There are also other ergonomic desks ideal for people who aren’t comfortable standing at work.
  4. Include some art: Art in the workplace should uplift and inspire, but to put it kindly, a lot of art in offices is so bland and boring that it might as well not exist. Instead, consider your brand and what it represents, and get inspired to add some personality to your space. If you love being part of your community, why not support a local artist and invest in paintings or sculpture? Retro movie posters are beautiful and affordable and great if you’re in the media industry, or trawl through vintage stores for some retro inspiration.

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Studies Show the Benefits of Flexible Working

A new study by the Flex+Strategy Group (FSG) has demonstrated the impressive effectiveness of flexible working for companies and employees. Flexible work hours, work locations and how people work actively leads to increased innovation, improved communication, quality creative thinking, improved engagement and increased productivity.

How Many Companies in the USA are Embracing a Flexible Work Culture? 

Studies like the one mentioned above have started making the move from “interesting” to “implementation”, with more than one-third of full-time employees in the USA fulfilling the majority of their work obligations from a remote location. Almost 98% of the surveyed employees reported that they had at least some form of flexible working arrangement.

What are Employees Reporting About Flexible Working? 

45% of flexible workers feel that a flexible work culture increases their ability to communicate with colleagues in a way that is effective and boosts innovation and creativity, while only 5% reported a decrease with the rest remaining constant. 60% felt that they were more engaged and productive, with just 4% saying they felt less engaged and productive.

Technology and Training to Support Workplace Flexibility 

Two of the most important aspects to take note of in the study are the roles of technology and training. 76% of the study’s group said workplace technology had made flexible working much easier to accomplish, especially in terms of communicating and collaborating with their team. One weak spot, however, is that 57% of the group had received no training or guidance on how to maintain and manage their work flexibility. This made a significant impact on the results, with the policies having a far greater impact on productivity and communication on those that did receive training than those who received no training in this area.

Modern Office Design Ideas to Create a Productive and Engaged Workplace 

Even in a flexible work environment, companies need an office space to form a foundation and base to their business – and that’s where our modern office ideas come in. BE Furniture is a New Jersey-located company that strives to meet all your contemporary office furniture and design needs. We can assist you with everything from designing and fitting out contemporary office interiors to supplying movable walls and classic corporate furniture. As a green company, we also offer furniture recycling. For more information on the latest modern office design ideas and corporate office furniture, please contact us today or visit our website at https://www.befurniture.com/


AI is Coming to your Office – Here are the Latest Insights

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer limited to the realm of science fiction – it’s in our workplaces and is making a measurable impact on how we do business. Here are some insights from our corporate office furniture team.

Chatbots and Voice Assistants 

One of the most high-impact applications of AI is in the rise of chatbots and voice assistants. According to a tech report from Spiceworks, a survey of 500 IT professionals in both North America and Europe revealed that over 40% of large businesses are expecting to implement one or more AI chatbots on company-owned devices in the next year. 25% of mid-sized companies and 27% of small business are planning similar moves.

So, what platforms are making the biggest impact?

Microsoft Cortana is currently holding the position of most-used intelligent assistant in the workplace at 49% (thanks to its integration with Windows 10) This is followed by Apple’s Siri at 47%. Another 23% of organizations also use Google Assistant and 13% are using Amazon’s Alexa.

For chatbots, 14% of organizations are utilizing them when integrated into collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams and Slack, while an additional 10% of organizations are planning to develop their own AI chatbots for internal application.

Automate Mundane Tasks 

When it comes to how these AI tools are being utilized in the workplace, the focus is on automating mundane tasks that don’t require creativity, saving time and resources. This includes tasks like voice-to-text dictation, calendar management and even supporting customer service roles. Clearly, AI is here to make a lasting impact on the future of business.

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A Guide to Creating a Health-Focused Workplace

Health and wellness in the workplace is a key focus for commercial office interiors that incorporates everything from architectural design right down to corporate office furniture. Here are some insights into the importance of this movement and how to achieve it in your business, from our team based in New Jersey.

Why Target Workplace if We Want to Get Healthier? 

There are several reasons why the workplace can have such a significant impact on living healthier lives. These include:

  • The amount of time we spend in the workplace: For most people, it’s common to spend more time in the workplace than anywhere else. In fact, most people spend 70% of their waking hours at work, so it’s impossible to cram all our healthy habits into just that remaining 30%.
  • Investing in health in the workplace shows a significant ROI: While most businesses care about the health of their employees, there’s one thing every company will pay attention to – their bottom line. Companies with healthier, happier employees and strong wellness initiatives experience better talent retention, lower absenteeism, low staff turnover, higher engagement, and better talent attraction. All these factors have a strong positive impact on a company’s ability to compete, grow and make a profit.
  • Share prices perform better too: Several studies have shown that listed companies that invest in employee wellness and healthy workplaces are outperforming the S&P 500.

Inside Healthy Commercial Office Interiors 

So, what does a healthy workplace actually look like? Essentially these are businesses that go for an achievable investment in employee wellness and demonstrate consistently their focus on integrating health and wellness throughout the company. Common factors include:

  • A sense of connection and community – Healthy workplaces are decorated with an aesthetic that brings people together and welcomes people rather than demonstrating status. Think photos of team activities and social projects or uplifting modern art rather than expensive oils.
  • The catering is healthy – Healthy foods are readily available through catering, vending machines and allowing employees to store food in the office.
  • Investment of real estate in healthy activities – Most companies make space to include health-related activities on-site, like gyms, meditation areas and garden/outdoor spaces. If space is limited, boardrooms are often turned into communal eating areas.
  • Vibrant, informal environment – Health and wellness is about being down-to-earth and realistic, rather than forcing a strict dress code and formal environment. If employees are expected to get mobile and enjoy physical activities, it’s acceptable to wear less formal clothing at work (or at least be able to change between the two). These workplaces are also often more interested in being flexible, creative and interesting rather than staid and rule-bound.

Become Part of the Healthy Workplace Revolution and Grow Your Business 

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Making The Workplace Your Happy Place

When most people think of their so-called happy place, they don’t think of their office – but is there a way that these spaces in which we spend so much of our lives can become a positive space? Here are some insights from our team of corporate office furniture specialists.

Principles for a happier workplace 

Extensive research from YourStudio found that there are five principles each workplace should embody in order to become a progressive, happy and effective workplace – purpose, health, freedom, growth, and community. Combined with your company’s unique culture and vision, committing to these principles works to transform the drudgery of work into a positive part of daily life.

This is especially essential for incoming generations to the workplace, as work culture has seen a significant shift from the traditional “work for a pay check” culture towards working for a purpose – being part of something bigger.

Introverts can come to the table 

Traditionally, the workplace has suited extroverted personalities, which has resulted in introverts being left behind – and a failure of businesses to properly capitalize on this talent and potential. Adapting the modern workplace to ensure both introverts and extroverts can thrive makes sense, boosting efficiency, increasing performance and impacting that essential bottom line. Key to this is creating an environment where people have far more flexible work options, from flextime initiatives to a variety of more private and more open work environments.

Healthier people means happier employees 

Health and wellbeing in the workplace is becoming a more and more important focus – not only because employees are increasingly demanding it, but because employers are seeing the positive impact on their employees and their bottom line. Creating a sense of purpose and a sense of belonging is significantly beneficial to mental health and developing that drive and passion needed for exceptional performance. Showing employees that their health is important by investing in complimentary health initiatives, ergonomic spaces, nature and wellness initiatives creates a more comfortable, healthier team where employees know that they are valued.

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BE Furniture is a full-service contemporary office furniture company, offering a wide range of environmentally-sensitive and innovative products and services for innovative office interiors. In addition to design and fitment services, we also offer Earth-friendly recycling of old office interiors. For more information on our contemporary office furniture, architectural office partitions and services, please contact us today or visit our website at https://www.befurniture.com/