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Don’t Take Poor Quality Office Chairs Sitting Down

Many employees who spend six or more hours sitting at a desk through their workday suffer from health and comfort issues that can be directly related to their desk chair, especially if they are taller or bigger people. Fixed height chairs make sitting an awkward activity for anyone who isn’t lucky enough to fit into those exact manufacturing specifications, which can result in back, shoulder and neck pain.

How do ergonomic chairs work?

Ergonomic chairs are simply chairs that can be adjusted to fit almost anyone, and that provide support to your body in the sitting position. With such a simple solution to such a serious problem, there’s no reason why anyone should be working in discomfort.

Good ergonomic chairs allow the user to:

  • Adjust seat heights
  • Have a generous range limit for seat height
  • Adjust the vertical and frontward/backward positioning of the back rest
  • Sit comfortably in the correct seat depth
  • Have a stable seating position – a five-point base is recommended

Health benefits of ergonomic desk chairs 

In addition to helping prevent back, neck and shoulder pain, these chairs are recommended by physiotherapists and health practitioners because they:

  • Provide proper support to your posture – Bad posture can be caused or worsened by a poor quality desk chair. Ergonomic chairs actively support your posture while sitting, helping to correct these issues. Best practice is to sit with your feet flat on the floor, with your knees parallel to your hips at a 90-degree angle to the floor.
  • Increased comfort – This is a direct result of their adjustability, where each person can choose a position that best suits their comfort.
  • Reduced pressure on hips – A softer, more cushioned and supportive base with the correct seat depth is beneficial to hip health, preventing excess pressure on the hips.
  • Increased productivity – Ergonomic chairs are more dynamic and easily movable, making it easier for employees to reach, move, swivel and stretch at their desks. Increased comfort and wellness help drive productivity by making desks more enjoyable spaces to work at.

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What Does your Office Space say about your Business?

It’s no secret that first impressions count, and for your clients, your office design and interior has a lot to say. Just think about what Google’s new, innovative Mountain View office design says about their commitment to their employees, clients and community? Or what Apple’s space-age office space says about their commitment to cutting-edge technology and pushing the limits of what’s possible? Now look at your office space and think about what it says about your business.

The Office Culture and Perception of Success 

The culture of your company is simply the personality of your business – it’s character, values, traditions and behaviors. Essentially, your office space should say something about what your company values and what you do – collaboration and creativity, technical and individual work, private client work, etc. More creative businesses often reflect this in open, flexible workspaces with funky and unusual décor, while more corporate businesses – for example, legal offices – will have more small, private spaces.

Office spaces are also a lot like an outfit – they communicate power, success and ambition. Certain office spaces are deliberately designed to almost intimidate, using architecture, expensive art and fittings to demonstrate their ability to beat their competitors. Other office spaces offer a more relaxed space, and generally emphasize employee wellness and happiness along with a welcoming but competent atmosphere for clients.

The Management Style 

The closer a team works together with their manager, the more open and transparent your office space tends to be. This shows that your business emphasizes communication, open door policies and strong collaborative teamwork. In contrast, office spaces where management are located far away from other employees and are closed off in offices often indicates a more traditional workplace that emphasizes structure and hierarchical power over free-flowing, flexible structures.

If you want to increase employee performance and motivation, studies emphasize that creating open, relaxed spaces and bringing management and team members together can be highly rewarding. At the same time, having some quiet, private spaces for board meetings, client meetings or individual work, can help balance the increased noise and lack of privacy that open spaces involve.

Achieve the Right First Impression with Modern Office Design Ideas and Furniture 

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A Look into the Design of Googles Offices in California

Google has come a long way since the two founders sat working in their friend’s Menlo Park garage in 1997, and the new office campus in Mountain View – nicknamed the Googleplex – perfectly illustrates this journey. A marriage of architectural design and billion-dollar business set for completion in 2019, the latest plans for this campus are the epitome of modern office design ideas.

Futuristic Canopy Roof Design

Set in Charleston East, and the first offices that the company has built from the ground up, this futuristic office design is focused around a massive 595,000 square foot, 2-storey building covered with a massive, petal-like tent roof. Not just simply an eye-catching statement, this canopy has been expertly designed to regulate climate and air quality within the building, as well as minimize noise.

Integration of Wildlife, Nature and Low-Impact Living

Another impressive feature of the campus is the priority placed on natural integration with California’s flora and fauna, as well as healthy living. It features a sweeping waterway, indigenous natural parks and fields, increased habitat space for local burrowing owls, as well as bike tracks, yoga spaces, and even a playground. This fits in seamlessly with Google’s emphasis on employee wellness and the recognition that meeting these wellness goals makes for happier, more productive and more loyal employees.
These spaces also make for the ideal quiet spots that every modern office space needs, where employees can relax, have quiet meetings and collaborate conveniently without disturbing those around them. This is in line with their philosophy of “rethinking office space” to “lead to a better way of working”, according to David Radcliffe, the company’s Vice President for Real Estate.

Moving, Adaptable Buildings for Flexible, Dynamic Office Use

While many companies are embracing flexibility in terms of office design and how employees will use various spaces, Google has taken this idea and really expanded on it to put their own, personal touch on the concept. Taking from their own experience of working in and adapting immovable concrete office spaces, the company’s forward-thinking design is taking the innovative step of developing lightweight, block-like office structures that can then be moved as needed around the campus. This allows Google to maximize agility and flexibility when it comes to bringing employees and departments together on different products and projects as their needs change.

And the Public Get to Enjoy it too!

For the first time, Google’s office campus will have a new factor to manage – public access. Designed to also incorporate the greater Mountain View community, the space will be open for public use, so locals and visitors can benefit from this unique office design, parks, retail spaces and more, making it a functional and exciting local attraction.

BE Furniture is a full-service corporate office design and contemporary office furniture company, offering a wide range of environmentally-sensitive and innovative products and services in line with contemporary office interiors. For more information, please contact us today or visit our website at https://www.befurniture.com/

How to create the most effective hot-desking workspace

Hot-desking – it’s the buzzword of the year when it comes to modern office design ideas. But like any other trend, it only works when approached and applied in a considered way. Here are some tips about how to develop and implement this office space configuration effectively from your contemporary office furniture specialists:

Understand hot desking concerns:

For many employees, having their own, dedicated space in which to work is important. They need:

      • A safe space to store their own things,
      • To keep their seats adjusted to the correct level, and
      • To know that they won’t have to fight for space every morning just to get their work done.

Consider ways in which your office can manage these concerns: from having private locker space and sectioned-off office spaces for quiet or more private work, as well as strict cleaning up policies.

It’s not just about undesignated desks:

While the main attraction of hot-desking is that employees can work wherever it suits them and network amongst themselves with ease, this flexibility should be extended to outside the office as well to prevent that fight for space. Flexi-time, work-from-home days and outdoor workspaces balance this in-office flexibility, ensuring that employees have space and an environment that works best for them.

Don’t go full open-plan:

Open-plan office spaces are standard in modern businesses as they allow you to fit the most employees at any one time. But with hot-desking and the flexibility that comes with it, you’ll find that your office flow changes. People working in teams may prefer brainstorming on couches or in a boardroom. Others will seek out a quiet spot for client calls and still others will work from home. Part of hot-desking is creating these spaces conducive to different tasks and levels of privacy. So, it’s important to meet these needs.

Design and implement a practical and rewarding hot-desking environment 

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How to create a collaborative workspace in your office

Collaborative workspaces are known for positively influencing innovation, productivity and creativity, making communication easier and more effective. Creating a workspace like this means bringing two elements together, namely a culture of collaboration and the physical office environment that supports this. Here’s how the right modern office design and contemporary furniture can help you achieve this.

  • Flexibility: Collaborative office environments have a workspace that incorporates a wide range of features that encourage employees to move around and work where it best suits them. This includes easily re-configurable desks or share work tables, private meeting rooms for client calls and stimulating areas for brainstorming sessions.
  • Good lighting: Closed-in office spaces with harsh artificial lighting are the opposite of what collaborative spaces are all about. Think of ways to maximize natural light through the space with glass partitions, use color for creative stimulation, and go with an open plan design that keeps the office light and airy.
  • Hot desking: This trend is a great one for encouraging collaboration, as it allows employees to work where they want, as they require it without having a designated desk. This makes it easier for different project members to get together without interrupting other people, and facilitates easy communication.
  • Brainstorming space: It’s important to have a designated area for brainstorming that is separate from the rest of the office so that employees can talk openly and with ease. Some companies replace the walls of this space with whiteboards and glass that can be written on directly, others fill their spaces with inspirational items, or games and activities that help employees to relax and re-energize.
  • Acoustics: Because this is an environment that focuses on communication, it’s also important to recognize that noise will be a factor. Art, soft furnishings and acoustic panels can help absorb sound, while glass panel rooms create private areas where employees can work or hold private meetings. Encouraging flextime can also help contribute to noise reduction, ensuring that employees can work from home or pick their hours based on their work requirements.

Let our office design, furniture and fitment team help you create the ideal collaborative workspace

At BE Furniture, we offer end-to-end office furniture solutions, from designing an office remodel to fitting it out and furnishing it with the latest contemporary office furniture. As a full-service furniture dealer, we can supply you with a wide range of value-added and environmentally-sensitive products, including reception desks, standing desks, collaborate-focused office furniture, and glass partition wall systems.

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What kind of workspace works best

Workspaces aren’t just about having a room and furniture where you can sit down at a computer, they actively affect employee job satisfaction and productivity. This makes creating the right kind of modern office workspace vital to the success of your business. Here’s a useful breakdown of what the most popular options have to offer.

The open-plan office space

This is a very popular option for businesses because it works out to be very cost-effective. Organizations do report better communication, easier supervision and increased collaboration as a result, but in reality, the real gains are in the cheaper construction that requires fewer walls, can accommodate more people and require less servicing (including air conditioner venting etc.).

Generally, these office spaces work well when businesses are looking to enhance teamwork and a great option to incorporate collaborative office furniture.

Private office spaces

These offer the quiet and privacy that many people find optimal to their productivity, but keep in mind that they are very space-intensive to build. In most workplaces, these areas are reserved for upper management positions, but more and more offices are including shared private workspaces where numbers of employees are limited to a smaller number per office, or communal private offices that can be used as and when required by any employee who needs it on a temporary basis, like for a meeting or private client call.

Cubicle office spaces

Big in the 1960 and 70s, these office cubicle spaces are something halfway between an open-plan design and a private office. Unfortunately, noise is still a major concern here and mass cubicle workplaces can have negative psychological effects on employees that can lead to decreased engagement and lower productivity.

Hot desks

Hot-desking is the latest in contemporary office furniture ideas and modern office concepts. Essentially, it’s where employees don’t have a fixed desk from which they work. Rather, they are able to work in a range of workspaces on a first-come-first-served basis. Flexibility is key here, and employers focus on creating a smaller number of different workspaces (like shared desks, lounging areas and private offices) and combine this with remote working (working from home) and flexitime hours to encourage employees to work when and where they feel most productive. This approach creates significant savings for the company, has a positive effect on productivity and works for almost every industry or company size. Check out our adjustable height desks for some hot-desking inspiration.

Create the ideal contemporary office interior for your business today

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