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Lessons on How to Add Character to Your Office Space

An office or workplace with personality has been proven to boost productivity and creativity among employees. Here are some tricks on how to add character to your office space, from modern office chairs and contemporary executive seating to more creative ideas that are sure to keep employees motivated to give their best. 

Introduce New Rooms

There are many corporate offices taking a different approach in terms of designing a specific area keeping the brand image in their mind. For example, many brands showcase playful essence, their office designers opted to create innovative recreational areas including a special room for video games, an aquarium equipped with comfortable napping pods, and a specific space where employees can get some exercise. 

 These rooms should not be regarded as rest areas or ‘break rooms’. On the contrary, they are integral parts of your operations and a spur to productivity. They act as catalysts for ideation and co-creation among co-workers and are also wonderful when employees need to de-stress, mull things over or simply replenish. They make for happier employees who cannot wait to come to work every morning! 

 When furnishing these rooms, we approach them as specialized work areas. Collaborative furniture, couches, and pods in trendy, modern designs set the right tone.

Welcome Pets

According to Marie-José Enders, who studies the relationship between animals and humans, office pets can help lower cortisol levels. “Not only does your cortisol level drop when you stroke a dog; you also produce more of the hormone oxytocin, which makes you feel more relaxed and happy,” she says. It is no wonder then that countless offices across the globe allow pets to be brought to the office. They are great for productivity – and they do certainly add personality to any workplace!

 An office that is open to pets will need to be adjusted for animal-friendliness. Your choice of flooring, as well as the kind of upholstery you would want on your office furniture, will need to take the presence of your furry friends into account. There are many materials that will be attractive and inviting, as well as having a professional experience and being easy to clean. Our modern office designs can easily be customized to accommodate your pets.

Quirky and Comfortable

When it comes to selecting contemporary office furniture, remember to balance the need for creativity with comfort. Ultimately, no matter how creative and quirky your office furniture is if it is not comfortable, it defeats the whole purpose! 

 The key is to balance trendy design with ergonomics, which is the primary hallmark of both our furniture and our design approach. Whether it’s a unique desking system, a relaxed arrangement of single-seat couches or a beanbag workstation, we create office spaces that are not only striking to the eye but also pleasant to work in and conducive to creativity.

 Here at BE Furniture, we specialize in office design and the sale of high-quality contemporary office furniture, including modern office chairs, tables, and workstations. For more information, be sure to contact us today. 

Amazon HQ – When Cities Want Big Business

Amazon is the world’s biggest retailer, so it’s no surprise that cities are clamoring to have the new headquarters located in their own backyard. The giant will bring in over 50,000 jobs, investing $5 billion in the construction project and growing in time to equal the status of the Seattle HQ. Here’s some insight into the bidding war.

Amazon’s requirements 

Only certain cities in the USA and Canada will be able to qualify to make a formal bid, but these restrictions are fairly minimal and include that the city has at least a million residents, an international airport, and a stable, business-friendly environment. These generous terms have led to a huge list of over 238 contenders.

Which cities are leading the fight to be Amazon’s next HQ? 

Major players in the bidding war stretch far and wide, and include:

  • Boston – With its home-grown talent, transit and great real estate.
  • Atlanta – Focusing on its location as an international air transit hub, affordable housing and great weather.
  • Baltimore – With its easy access to New York and Washington, D.C.
  • Denver – Emphasizing strong local economy and quality of life.
  • Nashville – Home of great Millennial talent as one of the USA’s fastest growing cities.
  • Sacramento – Offering to help Amazon hit the ground running with multiple approved sites.
  • Newark – With its offer of $7 billion in tax credits and close links to the Big Apple.
  • Pittsburgh – Home of top talent, low cost of living and tech reinvention.
  • Toronto – International appeal, lower cost of business and a competitive attitude.

Some creative wooing for the retail giant 

Some cities are thinking outside the box to make themselves stand out in this race, resulting in some very creative marketing tactics!

  • New York City lit up major landmarks in Amazon’s signature orange.
  • Tucson delivered a 21-foot cactus to the Seattle HQ, which they delivered to the Desert Museum.
  • The Kansas City mayor wrote 1,000 Amazon reviews filled with great one-liners about the benefits of his city.
  • Birmingham set up giant replicas of Amazon Dash Buttons all over the city and mounted a flirty Twitter campaign.
  • Stonecrest in Georgia went over the top and announced they’d change the name of their town to Amazon!

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How Millennials Are Changing The Workspace

It seems like every day we’re confronted with a new article about what Millennials are doing, thinking or ruining now, but the truth is that this generation is bringing some interesting changes to the workplace. Here’s some insight into the modern office design ideas that are changing the way we work.

Office design affects the way we work 

The Internet-first generation makes it easier than ever before to collect and analyze data from surveys and studies, and these have shown that there’s a clear link between an environment’s physical design and décor, and the state of mind of the people who work there. In fact, 77% of interviewed respondents on LinkedIn said that art in the workplace makes them feel happier, and that 27% said that good décor made them more productive.

It’s true that the workplace changes with each generation, and Millennials are bringing their own brand of flavor to the workplace, including:

  • Non-conventional workplaces: While Baby-Boomers were characterized in the workplace as placing a high priority on their own space and privacy – like having your own office – Millennials have shown a distinct favor for going against this tradition. This has led to the rise of collaborative workspaces, flexible furniture, and even flexible floorplans. Cubicles have fallen far out of favor, replaced with more casual, open environments that encourage an easy flow throughout the office.
  • Leaning into technology: Previous generations have demonstrated a resistance or even fear of technology – the idea that machines will come along and replace you. Millennials have turned this on its head by fully buying into the reality that tech is here to stay. Not only does this support a move towards non-conventional office design and working on-the-go, it’s also about creating a slick and in-touch image for your brand.
  • Design with purpose and pleasure: These days, many of us can and do work from anywhere. Even if people have an office, you’ll often see them getting work done wherever they are – coffee shops are a favorite, but so are co-working spaces and outdoor plazas. People are choosing spaces not only because they are conducive to different working styles, but because they take pleasure in their surroundings, and this is causing companies to take a look at their offices and move towards creating a similarly pleasurable and functional space. A big part of this trend is a move towards contemporary office furniture and decor that promote wellness and are environmentally sustainable, from ergonomic desks and chairs to recycled materials and Green policies.

Creating contemporary office interiors for every industry 

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The top office design trends of the year

  • Flexible layouts:

This year has been all about having a workplace as adaptive and functional as possible, allowing it to change with the requirements of the company, team and individual. From modular furniture that can be easily moved and rearranged for different purposes to glass architectural walls that can be shifted to change layouts and create open and closed office spaces, flexibility is all about making space work for you and your company.

  • Mother nature:

Offices are increasingly integrating themselves with nature, whether they are utilizing recycled or environmentally friendly products and contemporary office furniture or creating open natural spaces like gardens and rooftop gardens for employees to enjoy.

  • Future-proofing:

Creating an office design that can adapt to meet new challenges is important, not only regarding your company’s agility but also in terms of adapting to and implementing new office technologies. Using soft wiring, for example, is a simple installation method for power and data that is safer, faster and allows for quick rewiring. Another good idea is re-usable leads and outlets.

  • Collaboration:

From hot-desking and collaborative furniture to software and technology that supports diverse inputs, the most cutting-edge offices of 2017 are emphasizing the ability of the environment to assist and encourage collaboration at every level.

  • Minimalist spaces:

Offices can quickly become cluttered. So, this year’s office designs are placing an emphasis on minimalism to help make them clean, clear and inspiring places to work. Tech-heavy spaces hide wiring and power points, lighting is less harsh and as natural as possible, storage is hidden and a good, open flow is kept through all spaces.

  • Natural lighting:

Natural lighting isn’t just aesthetically pleasing, it’s better for us as well. And it makes your office space look bigger. Harsh, fluorescent lighting is a strain on the eyes: it causes headaches and affects our natural rhythms. Sunlight is maximized in modern offices by filtering it through materials like glass. Glass office walls help ensure privacy for meetings while allowing light to filter deeper into the building. This approach is also more environmentally and budget-friendly, reducing energy costs.

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What kind of workspace works best

Workspaces aren’t just about having a room and furniture where you can sit down at a computer, they actively affect employee job satisfaction and productivity. This makes creating the right kind of modern office workspace vital to the success of your business. Here’s a useful breakdown of what the most popular options have to offer.

The open-plan office space

This is a very popular option for businesses because it works out to be very cost-effective. Organizations do report better communication, easier supervision and increased collaboration as a result, but in reality, the real gains are in the cheaper construction that requires fewer walls, can accommodate more people and require less servicing (including air conditioner venting etc.).

Generally, these office spaces work well when businesses are looking to enhance teamwork and a great option to incorporate collaborative office furniture.

Private office spaces

These offer the quiet and privacy that many people find optimal to their productivity, but keep in mind that they are very space-intensive to build. In most workplaces, these areas are reserved for upper management positions, but more and more offices are including shared private workspaces where numbers of employees are limited to a smaller number per office, or communal private offices that can be used as and when required by any employee who needs it on a temporary basis, like for a meeting or private client call.

Cubicle office spaces

Big in the 1960 and 70s, these office cubicle spaces are something halfway between an open-plan design and a private office. Unfortunately, noise is still a major concern here and mass cubicle workplaces can have negative psychological effects on employees that can lead to decreased engagement and lower productivity.

Hot desks

Hot-desking is the latest in contemporary office furniture ideas and modern office concepts. Essentially, it’s where employees don’t have a fixed desk from which they work. Rather, they are able to work in a range of workspaces on a first-come-first-served basis. Flexibility is key here, and employers focus on creating a smaller number of different workspaces (like shared desks, lounging areas and private offices) and combine this with remote working (working from home) and flexitime hours to encourage employees to work when and where they feel most productive. This approach creates significant savings for the company, has a positive effect on productivity and works for almost every industry or company size. Check out our adjustable height desks for some hot-desking inspiration.

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Design Elements To Keep In Mind When Deciding On Which Modern Office Workstation Desks To Purchase

Modern office workstation desks add to a company’s aesthetic appeal, boosting morale in employees, impressing clients and improving overall productivity. Knowing this, it is no wonder why contemporary office accessories and contemporary office furniture is so very popular all over the globe. Below, we investigate certain aspects to keep in mind before making that all-important decision and investing in contemporary workstations for your members of staff.

Making the Most of Modern Workstation Design

When it comes to selecting a modern office workstation desk or chair, it is important not to forget about functionality. Seeing as though the contemporary designs are focused heavily on visual appeal, we can often lose ourselves in how stunning a new office accessory looks, without worrying too much about how well it works. For instance, while a classy wooden, varnished desk might look attractive, it won’t exactly help to enhance employee’s productivity levels. On the other hand, an adjustable desk might look just as attractive, but will also provide an employee with a chance to improve his / her posture, maintain his / her focus and generally function more efficiently when at work. Ultimately, the key is finding a healthy balance between beauty and functionality.

It is also very important to keep the office space in mind constantly when looking around for modern office workstations and accessories. What looks good on the shop floor might not fit in with the office’s already-existing décor scheme, or might simply be too big or too small for the room in which you want to place it.

Professional Contemporary Office Furniture

For those professionals who wish to make certain that they are investing in the right modern office accessories and furniture, it always makes sense to get in touch with the experts at BE Furniture at https://www.befurniture.com/. From conference tables to collaborative furniture, and everything in between, we have a selection not to be missed.