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Training Company? Here’s How to Design Your Space

Training and upskilling employees is a critical part of being a competitive and forward-thinking business, so it’s no surprise that top training companies are thriving. Your training space says a lot about your business – and it has to be functional too – so designing it can be a challenge. Here are some insights from our contemporary office furniture team in NJ.

  • Calm and neutral: You’re going to have people from all industries, walks of life and all levels of the corporate world coming to you for training, so the space needs wide appeal. Calm, neutral, warm colors make people feel welcome and focused, and reduces distractions, supporting the mindset they need to learn.
  • Mobile, adaptable furniture: You’re going to be training groups of different sizes and splitting them up to work on different skill sets, so your furniture needs to be easily moved, spilt up and re-grouped as you require. Lightweight chairs and tables, and modular units are best.
  • Presentation space: You need a free wall or space where presentation boards, whiteboards or digital presentations can take place for the group – keeping in mind that some training specialists make use of multiple types of media when they’re teaching.
  • Good lighting: Training often means intensive learning and long hours, so your lighting has to be perfect if you want people to be able to concentrate and focus during their session. A combination of natural light and artificial light (preferably LED lights as they are gentler on the eyes and don’t flicker) is best.
  • Stay refreshed: The last thing your space will need is an easily accessible refreshment station. This is a great addition for training rooms as it means participants won’t have to leave the room or miss out on anything if they need a juice, soda, water or snack.

Make Your Training Space a Priority with Our Contemporary Office Interiors Specialists

If you are redesigning or remodeling your training space, it’s important to have a partner who understands contemporary office interiors and the needs of your industry. BE Furniture is a New Jersey-located company that strives to meet all your commercial office furniture and office design needs. We can assist you with everything from conference room tables and contemporary office furniture to office design, fitment and furniture recycling. For more information or inspiring contemporary office furniture ideas, please contact us today or visit our website at https://www.befurniture.com/



How Wiring can Impact on your Office Design

In an age of wireless, digital technology, the designs of our workplaces are still held back by miles and miles of wiring and cables. In the conference room where virtual meetings, group calls and presentations are common, this issue is even more apparent.

Limiting Your Options – From Conference Tables to Flooring 

The conference table is the focal point of the room, a gathering space that represents your brand to your clients, partners and employees. For many companies, the look of this important piece of furniture is immediately affected by the need for connectivity boxes for connecting laptops and devices and handling every type of video output on the market, from HDMI to mini DisplayPort. This makes minimalist design challenging if not outright impossible.

Then, it’s about accommodating the wires that run from the table to the screen (or screens) under the carpeting or beneath the baseboards and through the walls. This fixes your layout in a permanent manner, making it impossible to make your conference room into a multipurpose space – a critical challenge to overcome if your business is looking for a flexible and more effective use of their office space.

In a typical office conference room, this means that a space that should look professional, functional and stylish instead looks clunky, messy and unattractive.

Wireless Solutions Offer More Choices for Your Conference Room 

Conference rooms deserve to be a focal point of your business and should represent your brand in an engaging way as well as having the tech needed to facilitate business. By going wireless, you’re no longer limited to a specific type of conference table, flooring or even a fixed layout – and more flexibility means more opportunities to create the right space.

Design a Bespoke Conference Room with Contemporary Office Furniture Specialists 

BE Furniture in New Jersey can help you create a functional and appealing conference space that supports your brand. In addition to our wide range of office furniture, including conference room tables and corporate furniture, we can also assist you with workspace design and fitment. We also offer eco-friendly recycling options for all your old office furniture and fittings. For more information on our services, please contact us today or visit our website at https://www.befurniture.com/


How Technology is Impacting Office Design

It wasn’t that long ago when the relationship between technology and office design was focused on making a big enough hole in a desk or partition for all those cables. These days, the relationship has evolved into something far more complex, exciting and interesting. Here are some insights from our specialists on contemporary office interiors.

It’s Not Just About Enough Space and the Right Tech 

Office design used to be about ensuring that you had enough space in the right area and then filling it with sufficient computers and office equipment for the staff you had – think the famous workspace of The Office. These days, companies have realized that office design plays a pivotal role in the success of a business, and that technology needs to be an integrated part of that design, not just a tool for day-to-day business.

The right office design promotes the mental, physical and social wellness of employees – not only to their benefit, but with a meaningful impact on your bottom line. Achieving this means approaching every aspect of the design – from furnishings and lighting to technology – creatively and with company goals in mind.

Technology should be implemented in a way that is fully integrated with your design and how your business operates. It should focus on rapid, nimble communication that supplements agile decision-making but is also secure. Employees are increasingly working not just at the office and at home, but in coffee shops and on-the go – making accessibility key to a functional and flexible office space. This isn’t just being demanded by companies as they push employees to work harder wherever they are, it’s also being pushed by a younger workforce that prioritizes flexibility over traditional office design. This makes tech-integration a priority for businesses who want to attract and retain top talent.

Impact of Tech on the Traditional Office Functions 

Contemporary office design is not just about revolutionizing traditional offices into collaborative, activity-based workspaces, it’s about changing traditional office functions too. Take conference rooms, for examples – a traditional workplace staple that is necessary even in this time of flexibility and open plan design. Technology has had a huge impact here, through table top tablets, keyboard integrated chairs, multi-touch tables and even furniture that charges tech devices. The ability to meet and present ideas has been transformed by technologies like Skype, and conference rooms have become meeting places for employees not bound by location to communicate instantly, in person and at a high quality.

Design and Realize Innovative Contemporary Office Interiors in New Jersey

BE Furniture is a full-service specialist in contemporary office interiors, and our experienced team can assist you with everything from choosing new conference room tables and contemporary office furniture, to designing and fitting out your office remodel. For more information about our products and services, please contact us today or visit our website at https://www.befurniture.com/