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Amazon HQ – When Cities Want Big Business

Amazon is the world’s biggest retailer, so it’s no surprise that cities are clamoring to have the new headquarters located in their own backyard. The giant will bring in over 50,000 jobs, investing $5 billion in the construction project and growing in time to equal the status of the Seattle HQ. Here’s some insight into the bidding war.

Amazon’s requirements 

Only certain cities in the USA and Canada will be able to qualify to make a formal bid, but these restrictions are fairly minimal and include that the city has at least a million residents, an international airport, and a stable, business-friendly environment. These generous terms have led to a huge list of over 238 contenders.

Which cities are leading the fight to be Amazon’s next HQ? 

Major players in the bidding war stretch far and wide, and include:

  • Boston – With its home-grown talent, transit and great real estate.
  • Atlanta – Focusing on its location as an international air transit hub, affordable housing and great weather.
  • Baltimore – With its easy access to New York and Washington, D.C.
  • Denver – Emphasizing strong local economy and quality of life.
  • Nashville – Home of great Millennial talent as one of the USA’s fastest growing cities.
  • Sacramento – Offering to help Amazon hit the ground running with multiple approved sites.
  • Newark – With its offer of $7 billion in tax credits and close links to the Big Apple.
  • Pittsburgh – Home of top talent, low cost of living and tech reinvention.
  • Toronto – International appeal, lower cost of business and a competitive attitude.

Some creative wooing for the retail giant 

Some cities are thinking outside the box to make themselves stand out in this race, resulting in some very creative marketing tactics!

  • New York City lit up major landmarks in Amazon’s signature orange.
  • Tucson delivered a 21-foot cactus to the Seattle HQ, which they delivered to the Desert Museum.
  • The Kansas City mayor wrote 1,000 Amazon reviews filled with great one-liners about the benefits of his city.
  • Birmingham set up giant replicas of Amazon Dash Buttons all over the city and mounted a flirty Twitter campaign.
  • Stonecrest in Georgia went over the top and announced they’d change the name of their town to Amazon!

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How Millennials Are Changing The Workspace

It seems like every day we’re confronted with a new article about what Millennials are doing, thinking or ruining now, but the truth is that this generation is bringing some interesting changes to the workplace. Here’s some insight into the modern office design ideas that are changing the way we work.

Office design affects the way we work 

The Internet-first generation makes it easier than ever before to collect and analyze data from surveys and studies, and these have shown that there’s a clear link between an environment’s physical design and décor, and the state of mind of the people who work there. In fact, 77% of interviewed respondents on LinkedIn said that art in the workplace makes them feel happier, and that 27% said that good décor made them more productive.

It’s true that the workplace changes with each generation, and Millennials are bringing their own brand of flavor to the workplace, including:

  • Non-conventional workplaces: While Baby-Boomers were characterized in the workplace as placing a high priority on their own space and privacy – like having your own office – Millennials have shown a distinct favor for going against this tradition. This has led to the rise of collaborative workspaces, flexible furniture, and even flexible floorplans. Cubicles have fallen far out of favor, replaced with more casual, open environments that encourage an easy flow throughout the office.
  • Leaning into technology: Previous generations have demonstrated a resistance or even fear of technology – the idea that machines will come along and replace you. Millennials have turned this on its head by fully buying into the reality that tech is here to stay. Not only does this support a move towards non-conventional office design and working on-the-go, it’s also about creating a slick and in-touch image for your brand.
  • Design with purpose and pleasure: These days, many of us can and do work from anywhere. Even if people have an office, you’ll often see them getting work done wherever they are – coffee shops are a favorite, but so are co-working spaces and outdoor plazas. People are choosing spaces not only because they are conducive to different working styles, but because they take pleasure in their surroundings, and this is causing companies to take a look at their offices and move towards creating a similarly pleasurable and functional space. A big part of this trend is a move towards contemporary office furniture and decor that promote wellness and are environmentally sustainable, from ergonomic desks and chairs to recycled materials and Green policies.

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How To Make Your Office Remodel A Success

Remodeling your offices is a big job but it does bring great rewards if it’s done correctly. Here are some tips and advice to help you make the most of this investment.

  • Ask the hard questions: Remodeling is a significant financial and time commitment, so it’s important to be clear with your objectives from the start. Is remodeling definitely better than relocating? What are the objectives behind the remodel? What are the limitations on the project – like budget or time constraints? What ROI is expected for this project?
  • Know your space: Every building has its own unique set of strengths, limitations, and character. In your planning phase, think about how you can capitalize on unique features (for example, great natural light) and minimize the negatives (for example, a smaller space, or traffic noise), using modern office design ideas and innovations.
  • Strategy, timeline and goals: Approach your office remodel the way you’d approach any other company project – define your objectives, research your options, and strategize. While much of this will involve your office renovation partner, a strong strategy is key to making this partnership as effective and efficient as possible. You know your company better than anyone else – that’s key to planning a remodel that causes the least disruption, lowest cost and most effective result.
  • Communicate: Keeping a project like this on track means keeping lines of communication clear. This obviously applies the most between your company and the remodeling specialists, but it’s also vital for your employees. Communicating the vision of your remodel, getting input and informing different departments about disruptions well in advance help make for a smooth transition with minimal downtime.
  • Experience: A partner who has worked on similar office remodeling projects is an invaluable asset during this transition. Not only do they have the capability to take on this role, they can also work with you to develop your design by offering their unique insight to meet your vision and goals for the remodel.

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How to Ensure your Modern Office Workspace is a Cleaner Space

We may think that we are clean and tidy at work but even the most fastidious and obsessed people can have a dirty cubicle and desk. In fact, it is true that the desk that we work at could be one of the dirtiest, most unhygienic places we are exposed to. Recent studies have shown that the common modern office desk is dirtier than some toilet seats, sometimes containing up to 400 times more bacteria.

Unless an office desk is cleaned (preferably with a high quality disinfectant) on a daily basis, we are essentially inviting sickness and disease into our lives. The desk also has 100 times more bacteria than a kitchen table, and so therefore there is a serious issue here for us all to think about when we are sitting in our cubicles.

How to clean your modern office chair

There are a few steps to cleaning your modern office chair, but if you commit to doing it regularly and with the understanding that the chair is quite possibly one of the filthiest places on the planet, it all makes sense in the end.

For starters, you can make your own cleaning solution. It could easily be a high quality alternative to the commercial solutions on the market. Just mix up two teaspoons of washing liquid with one of water and then apply it to the chair. Be sure to wipe it down with a dry cloth beforehand to get rid of any dirt or dust, and then start cleaning. This stuff should do a great job.

If you want to do an even better job of getting rid of dust, vacuum the chair down beforehand.

A great tip in this regard is to choose automotive upholstery cleaner, the products they sell in car stores to clean the seats in your vehicle. This is excellent stuff, and should offer an even better result on your office chair. Don’t go crazy with it, but just dip your cloth and give the chair a good clean.

For the long run, if you spill anything, try and wipe it up immediately. This includes drinks like coffee. Don’t let them linger. And when it comes to crumbs, get rid of those as soon as possible. These not only become hard to find, but they will carry germs and get caught in the fabric.

How to clean a modern office desk

Clear the office desk first. Part of the problem here is that often your desk is cluttered. If you are looking at a desk that is full of ‘stuff’ then it is also full of dirt, dust and germs.

Once you have done this part, then grab a damp cloth and wipe it down. This way you are also preparing a surface that is not only dust free but also naturally cleaner. Choose a commercial cleaner that allows you to be certain that bacteria are removed. Some people recommend using kitchen cleaning solutions because these are designed to do just that. We agree. Clean thoroughly and ensure that every part of the desk has had the cleaning solution treatment.

Then polish the desk. This part is important because it makes you feel a whole lot better and it ensures that dust is kept at bay for that little while longer.

But let’s not beat around the bush here. The problem will always be clutter. Clutter houses dust and germs. So work on ensuring that your desk doesn’t have any stuff that shouldn’t be there, like yesterday’s sandwich for starters. But also folders and files that can be put somewhere else, or newspapers and magazines that really need to be thrown away. By having less clutter, you will invite less dust. And you’ll also give germs fewer hiding places.

To continue with the clutter-free approach, only have one thing on your desk at any one time in regards to current projects. Having numerous files there just means that things pile up. It is always important to have a focused approach to work anyway, but having one project there in the middle of the desk means that you have less to worry about, and less mess.

So there are some tips on generally rescuing your modern office space, and ensuring that you have a less cluttered, dust free working environment. It doesn’t take long to organize and should allow you to have a space that gets work done, without growing germs and making you miserable. Keep in mind, these are quick fix and daily maintenance tips/tricks only. The best way to ensure a healthy office environment with your office furniture is to have it properly cleaned 1-3x a year. Professional office furniture cleaning services like BE Furniture can provide the much needed deep clean the fabric on your office furniture needs.

It’s all about providing TLC to your office furniture investments that will give you the best ROI to a healthy office lifestyle!