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Get Input from Your Staff Before Implementing a New Office Design

Your employees are a fantastic resource for ideas when you’re considering an office remodel – after all, they use your space and support your brand every day! Here are some questions to ask your staff before your project begins, from our contemporary office design team.

  • Does your workstation work for you? A workstation can make a job easier or much harder to do depending on its design. Asking this question will help make choosing workstations that improve productivity and benefit your employees.
  • Do you have enough storage? Clutter is distracting, and a disorganized office is an unproductive one. By adding practical storage where it’s needed, you can make your office more productive and more efficient.
  • Who do you need to communicate with most? This is about breaking silos and putting people into more efficient, more collaborative spaces. Bringing the right people closer together through practical office design makes collaboration and communication easier, whether it’s between teams, departments or even floors. It can also show you if you need more brainstorming or meeting spaces for your teams.
  • Do you have enough break-away space? Office break-away spaces, including the kitchen, eating and casual meeting spaces are critical to maintain wellness, comfort and communication in your organization. There needs to be enough space to meet employee needs and it needs to be positioned away from quiet zones. Too little space can be frustrating and difficult to use, too much means some space can be reallocated to meet other needs.
  • What are your frustrations with the current design? This is a great way to get some diverse input to inspire your design in ways you may not have considered. Your employees may want ergonomic desks and chairs, sit-stand desks, different colors or better natural lighting through glass architectural walls. Simple changes, like introducing local art, dedicating a space to a wellness program or introducing certain tech can transform your space and your employee’s approach to their work. It’s also a great way to help employees feel valued and part of the team.

Contemporary Office Design Ideas That Bring Your Brand to Life 

Want to create a more inviting, practical and inspiring workplace? Inspired by the latest contemporary office interiors? BE Furniture is a New Jersey-located company that strives to meet all your corporate office furniture and office design needs. We can assist you with every aspect of your remodel from contemporary office furniture, architectural walls and interiors to office design, fitting and furniture recycling. For more information, please contact us today or visit our website at https://www.befurniture.com/

4 Sustainability Elements for Every Workplace

Sustainability is a trend that just is not going to go away, bringing benefits to businesses in terms of cost-savings, good public relations and great style that builds their brand. So, what are the basic building blocks for creating a sustainable office? Here are the latest modern office design ideas:

  1. Low-Carbon Transport:

Did you know that in the USA, transportation accounts for 30% of all emissions? Sitting in rush hour harms the environment, increases stress levels and impacts on productivity. Businesses can support healthier, earth-friendly commuter options like biking or walking to work by having secure bike storage and on-site shower/change rooms. Physical activity also boosts productivity, engagement, and job satisfaction, as well as actively fighting depression and anxiety. 

  1. Natural Lighting:

Sunlight is what sets our natural rhythms, telling us when to be awake and active and when to be asleep. It has such a powerful effect on us that studies have shown that workplaces that optimize natural lighting saw an increase in productivity and wellness at work. Employees also slept better when they were home from the workday. Another benefit is that your office relies less on artificial lighting, reducing costs and emissions. Architectural glass walls are a great way to ensure that natural light penetrates into your building effectively.

  1. Green Products:

From using sustainable or recycled materials in your office fit-out and recycling old office furniture to ensuring that your company uses eco-friendly products as part of its daily operations is another great way to create a sustainable workplace. Even your office cleaning products can be green!

  1. Pushing Paperless:

Going completely paperless is a huge challenge, but even actively reducing paper use in the office makes a significant contribution to sustainability. With office workers in the USA using 10,000 pieces of paper a year, you can see that paperless policies can make a big impact no matter your industry. Another plus point: it also saves on printing and storage costs.

Create an Office Space for the Future with Sustainable Contemporary Office Interiors

Interested in transforming your office into a sustainable workplace? Inspired by the latest modern office design ideas? BE Furniture is a New Jersey-located company that strives to meet all your corporate office furniture and office design needs. We can assist you with everything from contemporary office furniture, architectural walls, and interiors to office design, fitting and furniture recycling. For more information, please contact us today or visit our website at https://www.befurniture.com/

Tips for Future-Proofing Your Office Design

Future-proofing is all about ensuring that your office design will be able to incorporate changes and upgrades easily as your company adapts over the years. While no one can predict the future completely, incorporating future-proofing into your design is the best way to avoid costly redesigns down the line and keep your space functioning smoothly as new technology and equipment is embraced. Here are some tips from our contemporary office design team to help your office fitment last for many years to come.

  • Future staffing needs: When deciding on your workplace layout, remember to incorporate space for staff who will join your company as it grows. Flexible layouts work well here, allowing people to hot-desk or work different tasks in different areas, so it’s easier to slot more people in than if you had a traditional cubicle or office system. Now is also the right time to think about implementing policies for flexible working conditions, so that you establish a functioning work culture from the start and make your workplace attractive to incoming talent.
  • Technology: Whatever your industry, you can’t avoid the impact of technology on your workplace design. Ensuring that you have cutting-edge technology and the infrastructure to easily upgrade as your needs change is a must. This also includes simple things like having enough power outlets in you space, as well as freeing up space by choosing reliable outsourcing partners for your server needs.
  • Health, sustainability and wellbeing: These are more than just trends – they are about saving costs, attracting talent and boosting productivity. If current efforts and their benefits are anything to go by, companies are going to keep pushing for healthier, more sustainable workplaces. This means making these areas a focus for your design, from bringing in natural light, cost-saving LED bulbs and clean air from low-energy HVAC systems to investing in ergonomic office furniture, healthy food spaces and activity areas.
  • Make every square foot work for you: The key to future-proofing contemporary office interiors is not to waste anything – from energy and human potential to each square foot of your space. Your square footage is expensive, so it should be put to use daily rather than kept empty for infrequent events like board meetings. Incorporating movable glass architectural walls and creating adaptable spaces that can change for different uses are just two ways to make your floorplan more flexible and more functional.

Contemporary Office Design Makes Your Space Work for You

If you want to make the most of your office design, our team is here to help. In addition to our wide range of contemporary office furniture, architectural walls and ergonomic desks, we can also assist you with workspace design and fitment. For more information on services, please contact us today or visit our website at https://www.befurniture.com/

How to Reduce Your Workplace’s Energy Bill… by Half

Did you know that energy represents around 19% of total expenditure for a typical office building? With a statistic like that, it’s no surprise that more and more businesses are looking to invest in solutions and modern office design ideas, while they may cost more upfront, that offer significant energy savings over the long-term – potentially cutting your energy bill by up to 50%. So, what are the most effective ways to achieve this? Here are some insights from our team of contemporary office furniture specialists.

  • Get an energy audit: Before you start to fix a problem, you have to know what you’re dealing with. An energy audit – which many utility companies offer for free to commercial clients – will show you exactly where the money is going each month and how it changes through the seasons.
  • Switch it off: A simple policy can save a huge amount of money. Printers, computers and other office equipment should be turned off each night. That goes for TVs and other electronic devices too.
  • Bring in the sunlight: Natural lighting is better for productivity and for your energy bill. Architectural walls made of glass will ensure that light can travel further into your office space, and it’s also worth it to look at removing excessive artificial lighting. Another good idea is to replace bulbs with high-efficiency rated LED bulbs – you can save $1 per month per bulb while benefiting from a longer-lasting and more earth-friendly solution.
  • Make your lighting more flexible: Many offices have lighting that is always on, whether there is someone in the space or not. Automatic dimming controllers and motion sensor lighting will make lighting more comfortable and more energy efficient – and with lighting accounting for 20% of the electricity used in commercial buildings, the savings will add up.
  • Upgrade your HVAC and keep it serviced: HVAC equipment is responsible for the air quality and comfort levels in your building, and this essential system is responsible for a big proportion of your energy bill. Upgrading to a new, high-efficiency system will result in long-term savings and you may even qualify for state rebate programs. Keeping the system regularly serviced will ensure your running costs stay as low as possible, as blocked filters can increase energy usage by 25%.

Modern Office Design Ideas and Solutions for an Energy-Efficient Workplace 

BE Furniture is a full-service contemporary office furniture company, offering a wide range of environmentally-sensitive and innovative products and services for innovative office interiors. In addition to design and fitment services, we also offer Earth-friendly recycling of old office interiors. For more modern office ideas and information on our contemporary office furniture, architectural walls and more, please contact us today or visit our website at https://www.befurniture.com/


Customizing Your Office Remodel Gets The Best Results At The Best Price!

Office remodels are an expensive project, and the latest modern office designs can quickly push your budget over the edge – but that doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to your renovation. By customizing your project, working with what you have and bringing on an experienced partner, you can get the results you want at an affordable rate.

Think outside the box for bargains

Bargain-hunting is something that can really elevate an office design, adding character and depth to your company image. For example, cladding an unsightly wall in reclaimed pallet wood gives a warm and rustic feel. Retro art and photographs give a vintage, quality touch, and keeping brick walls exposed saves on paint.

Think long-term savings

A quality renovation will bring in more than just a new look for your business, it should deliver long-term gains. Using glass architectural walls, for example, allows natural light to penetrate through your office space to create energy savings as well as a boost to employee wellness. Ergonomic chairs and desks mean healthier, more comfortable employees – and that means an increase in productivity. Open plan office spaces reduce equipment costs, energy costs and overheads while allowing you to hire more staff, and a variety of hot-desking options will allow your employees to work where they like, when they like – boosting talent retention, productivity and positivity.

Find a partner who works with your budget, in your vision

Your company is unique, so no cookie-cutter solution is going to bring you all the benefits you’d like to see. A tailored solution that looks at what your business is about and what it’s trying to achieve will result in the perfect fit, from a solution within your budget.

BE Furniture is a full-service corporate office design and contemporary office furniture company, offering a wide range of environmentally-sensitive and innovative products and services for innovative boardrooms and contemporary office interiors. For more information, please contact us today or visit our website at https://www.befurniture.com/

Introduce flexibility to your office layout with architectural walls

Commercial office interiors have changed dramatically in the last ten years. One of the main features present in this change is the movable wall. So, what has driven this innovation? And what are the benefits? Here’s what the design specialists say:

• Flexibility drives down costs, drives up productivity

In many cities around the USA and the world, office space is at a premium.

It’s expensive, it’s difficult to come by in sought-after commercial centers and it’s almost impossible to find a space that works for your business in its current state. Simply put, there’s too little space and businesses have too many needs. Old school open plan offices filled to the brim with cubicles just don’t work for many companies: not as a cost-effective option and certainly not as a productive space.

This has driven office design companies to think outside the box and come up with innovative solutions that allow businesses to expand and change as their needs evolve.

One such solution is movable architectural office walls. These glass walls can be quickly moved along rails to create different sized spaces as they are needed. Small private offices for client meetings and conference calls can be transformed into meeting spaces and boardrooms in just a few moments without taking up more space. Their composition ensures a quiet, private space, while their transparency fits in perfectly with the open plan concept.

• And there are other benefits to architectural office walls too

Flexibility isn’t the only benefit of these products. They also:

o Allow natural light to flow through the building more easily,
o Reduce eyestrain and headaches,
o Create a more pleasant work environment,
o Reduce the need for expensive artificial lighting,
o Allow managers to easily oversee teams from a quiet space without having to leave their desks, and
o Let teams brainstorm and discuss ideas without creating a noisy environment.

Expertly designed and installed architectural office partitions

At BE Furniture, we offer end-to-end office furniture solutions. From designing an office remodel to fitting and furnishing it with the latest contemporary office furniture. As a full-service furniture dealer, we can supply you with a wide range of value-added and environmentally-sensitive products including reception desks, standing desks, collaborate-focused office furniture, and glass partition wall systems.

For more information on our modern office design services and contemporary office furniture, please contact us today or visit our website at https://www.befurniture.com/