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Green Buildings – More Beneficial than Simply Cutting Energy Costs

Going Green is a trend that’s set to continue push the boundaries for office design for decades into the future, and for many companies the primary driver for achieving environmentally-friendly goals is to reduce energy consumption. With office buildings accounting for 19% of all commercial energy consumption, with the typical office building using 1.4 billion British thermal units (Btu) per year according to the US Energy Information Administration, it’s not hard to see why businesses are driven to lower their utilities costs. However, a recent Harvard University study has shown that there are actually even far greater benefits to the green office building trend.

This study looked at a set of green-certified (LEED) buildings in 6 different countries (USA, India, China, Germany, Turkey and Brazil) over a period of 16 years with impressive results – they identified over $6 billion in combined health and climate benefits!

The findings showed that globally, these projects saved billions in energy costs while also avoiding the release of 33,000 kilotons of CO2 into the atmosphere – the same amount that would be produced by 7.1 million passenger cars on the road for one year. This translates into $4.4 billion in public health benefits, including fewer deaths, hospitalizations and reduced respiratory conditions like asthma. As part of the total figure, $1.4 billion in climate benefits was also calculated as a result of reduced CO2, methane and nitrous oxide – dangerous greenhouse gasses.

It’s important to remember that these benefits are in addition to the $7.5 billion these building saved in terms of energy costs. LEED buildings, like those that were studied, form just one-third of all green-certified buildings in the world and perform at one of the highest standard set for eco-friendly buildings. The impact of the buildings that formed part of the study also varied from country to county, with the buildings located in China and India topping the list by creating around $10 in health and climate benefits for each dollar of energy savings.

One of the greatest features of these buildings and this trend is that the technology and processes they use don’t just bring health, productivity and wellness benefits to those who work within them, but the country and world as a whole.

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Making The Workplace Your Happy Place

When most people think of their so-called happy place, they don’t think of their office – but is there a way that these spaces in which we spend so much of our lives can become a positive space? Here are some insights from our team of corporate office furniture specialists.

Principles for a happier workplace 

Extensive research from YourStudio found that there are five principles each workplace should embody in order to become a progressive, happy and effective workplace – purpose, health, freedom, growth, and community. Combined with your company’s unique culture and vision, committing to these principles works to transform the drudgery of work into a positive part of daily life.

This is especially essential for incoming generations to the workplace, as work culture has seen a significant shift from the traditional “work for a pay check” culture towards working for a purpose – being part of something bigger.

Introverts can come to the table 

Traditionally, the workplace has suited extroverted personalities, which has resulted in introverts being left behind – and a failure of businesses to properly capitalize on this talent and potential. Adapting the modern workplace to ensure both introverts and extroverts can thrive makes sense, boosting efficiency, increasing performance and impacting that essential bottom line. Key to this is creating an environment where people have far more flexible work options, from flextime initiatives to a variety of more private and more open work environments.

Healthier people means happier employees 

Health and wellbeing in the workplace is becoming a more and more important focus – not only because employees are increasingly demanding it, but because employers are seeing the positive impact on their employees and their bottom line. Creating a sense of purpose and a sense of belonging is significantly beneficial to mental health and developing that drive and passion needed for exceptional performance. Showing employees that their health is important by investing in complimentary health initiatives, ergonomic spaces, nature and wellness initiatives creates a more comfortable, healthier team where employees know that they are valued.

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Inside An Office Designed By Artificial Intelligence

AI, or Artificial Intelligence, has been the realm of science fiction for decades – and it’s making its way into our homes and workplaces. From Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri, we’re slowly getting used to the idea of technology that’s intuitive and integrated with our daily lives. In an interesting new step, AI is now being used to design workplaces like the offices of AutoDesk. So, what are the results?

This company is the first place you’d expect to use AI to design an office – it’s the 16,000-square foot Toronto office of software giants who work on large-scale architecture, engineering and construction projects, after all. Each aspect of this workspace design – right down to the placement of plants – is determined and planned out by AI.

The reason for using AI was not only because it was an interesting challenge, but because the company believed this was the best way to create a space that would satisfy the most employees. This led to a system of generative design, where software is able to take in huge amounts of data, from cost, leadership/management style preferences and performance dynamics all the way to lighting preferences, who likes sitting next to whom, open plan vs cubicle preferences, and much more. This mix of data from every employee as well as design specialists resulted in the creation of a design that would deliver the highest satisfaction score.

The final design has a very unique character and shifts from department to department. For example, the two-floor office space is split with the ground floor being presentation space and the upper floor consisting of different neighborhoods. Different staff departments have their own unique neighborhood that incorporates their preferences – the 3D software design team has an open, collaborative space, while the research department has pod-like office spaces integrated with the tech rig they work on. Even the desks were chosen though the AI software, which indicated that employees preferred a warm, wood-grained option.

So, will more businesses take the AI route when it comes to designing their workplace? It’s inclusive and considerate nature certainly shows promise!

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