Sit or Stand?

benefits of sit or stand desks

The debate between traditional sitting desks and standing desk has been raging for several years now, but we’re proud to say it’s been solved! The answer is a desk that allows you to do both, so employees can choose to sit, stand, or experience a combination of both throughout their day. And the best news is that providing desks with the option for employees to sit or stand can increase productivity in the workspace! Here are some of the benefits of sit or stand desks.

#1 – Healthier employees

The connection between health and productivity is a clear one, and it brings a lot of benefits to employees as well as your business. Sitting for long periods of time simply isn’t good for us. There are many scientific studies that have proven that sitting increases obesity, cancer, and heart disease risks, that it hurts our backs, reduces healthy circulation and diabetes risks, and even negatively impacts our mood. As a result, by having sit or stand desks, employees can spend more time standing as it suits them, lowering the health impacts of sitting for too long. Healthy employees are more engaged and more productive – taking far fewer days off for illness too! This reduced absenteeism is a significant win, as sick days currently cost the US economy more than $2 billion each year, with smaller businesses losing $16-81 per employee per year, and bigger businesses as much as $286 per employee per year[1].

#2 – A happier office

It’s straightforward logic that a workplace with employees who are healthier and suffer from less back pain is a happier one. But having a more positive atmosphere is just the start. When employees are happier and feel like the organization they work for cares about their wellbeing, job satisfaction goes up. This reduces absenteeism and organizational productivity[2], and creates a more engaged, motivated, and loyal staff base. This means less turnover, which can cost organizations one-half to two times the annual salary of the employee[3], and less lost productivity due to disengagement, which costs the economy a massive $350 billion per year[4]!

#3 – A productive, flexible, and inclusive workplace

Not everyone wants to or can use a standing desk – and not everyone wants to stand all day long, which can be very tiring on feet and joints. A sit or stand desk lets employees adjust their work style at any point in the day, as they like. It allows you to sit or stand intermittently with a few simple adjustments, making it a flexible and space-saving solution that empowers employees to be healthier and more comfortable at the office. Today, it’s important to make the office space as attractive as possible to your staff, helping to bring the right people into your business and giving them the tools they need to be productive. With these desking solutions, your staff’s needs are actively addressed and supported to create an inclusive environment. It’s flexible too, making it a great solution for hotdesking and hybrid work environments. Ergonomically adjustable and easy to use, they help your staff do what they do best, supporting your productivity and growth goals.

How to implement sit or stand desks in your workplace

Wondering how to design your office for wellness and productivity? That’s where our office design and fit-out specialists come in, offering expertise and creative talent that makes your office space funky as well as functional, exciting as well as effective, and comfortable as well as creative! Chat to us today to find out more about our office space design services in NJ and see how BE creates an office space that increases employee productivity.

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