Commercial Furniture Storage and Management

Commercial Furniture Storage and Management

Office furniture can be difficult to store and track. Many small businesses and corporations are pressed for space but don’t have access to large warehouses to store excess furniture. Self-storage units for office furniture can become a major expense—but there’s a better option. BE Furniture offers asset storage and management for your unused office furniture, from work desks to computer chairs, and offers you the proper tools to keep track of your furniture inventory to increase organizational efficacy.

Why Store Assets With BE Furniture?

BE Furniture’s asset storage and management solutions are a more efficient option for storing and tracking office furniture. While self-storage units force you to stack furniture into awkward positions, BE Furniture organizes your stored assets so they are easier to access. Along with our storage solutions, we’ll help small businesses and corporations keep track of what items are currently in storage. This ensures that you won’t make unnecessary purchases on duplicate products.

Finding What You Need, Right When You Need It

Losing or misplacing your assets leads to frustration and interrupted workflow. BE Furniture is dedicated to improving your company’s lifestyle, and we’re dedicated to making your life easier from every angle. Our inventory management services keep track of every asset with down-to-the-minute information of every item.

Keeping Track Keeps Money in Your Wallet

BE Furniture provides furniture inventory management for small to large sized companies and corporations. Furniture inventory management gives you an overview of your furniture finances, helps you to avoid making duplicate purchases, and can potentially help reduce storage costs.

Asset Storage Improves Organization and Company Culture

Keeping your office clutter-free is one of the best ways to create a positive work culture. Unused office furniture takes up a lot of space and can easily interrupt workflow, especially if your office is particularly busy and you don’t have much space to spare. Improve your company culture and maximize your office space with inventory management and storage. And why keep track of all your assets when you don’t have to? BE Furniture keeps inventory management simple. With our furniture asset management, you’ll always be in the loop with:

  • The location of your assets
  • Usage of one simple tracking system
  • Improved organization within your company
  • Convenient access to experience asset management staff

We also provide reporting and assessment of rarely used or unused items in your inventory so you can dispose of them properly instead of paying to store them.

BE Restored: Office Furniture Maintenance

Office furniture is just like any other asset; occasional maintenance is required to get the most mileage out of your items. Over time, office furniture can break down or experience wear and tear. While this is entirely normal, it’s important to stay on top of wear and tear issues so your assets don’t lose their ability to serve their purpose.

BE Furniture Makes Old Look New Again

Goodbye chips, cracks, and loose pieces. Refurbishing old office furniture can range from giving your work desk a brand new shine to changing its color to change its vibe. When your furniture has seemingly reached the end of its life cycle, you’d be surprised at what refurbishing can accomplish.

We will touch up paint on your office furniture and make repairs to get your assets looking brand new. You can select from a variety of colors and fabric patterns that will breathe new life into any old piece. Our experienced maintenance team gets the job done quickly and efficiently.

Refurbishing has its perks over new office furniture purchases. It’s a cost-effective solution over purchasing new office furniture. Best of all, furniture maintenance is easy on your budget. It helps you hang on to quality pieces that deserve a second chance, and you won’t have to go buy brand new furniture or disrupt your workflow.

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