Is Remote Working the Future of your Business?

Often, the commute to and from the workplace is the most dreaded and unpleasant aspect of anyone’s workday – and with traffic, early mornings and the expense of fuel, it’s difficult to see the upside of the traditional commute. Many companies feel the same way and are starting to implement remote working as a solution.

What are the Benefits of Remote Working? 

While the absence of a daily commute is the one benefit everyone knows about, there are several other benefits to this policy. These include:

  • Increased productivity: Whether you’re at home in your pajama’s blasting your favorite music, at a coffee shop sipping your local brew or in a high-tech hot-desking spot, you’ve done one thing that’s been shown to directly boost productivity: creating the perfect work environment. In fact, a survey by TinyPulse revealed that 91% of remote workers said they were more productive than in the office.
  • Fewer distractions, better time management: The traditional mindset of a 9-5 office job lends itself to distractions and time wastage when compared to flexible remote working where employees are motivated to complete tasks quickly to have greater freedom in their day. Offices are also noisy places – phones are ringing, people are talking, employees get interrupted – this is all minimized with remote working.
  • Big savings: By allowing some or all of their employees to work remotely, businesses are experiencing significant savings. Smaller office spaces, reduced utilities costs, and reduced expenditure on office furniture and supplies.

Does Remote Working Mean the End of the Office? 

No – remote working should be a partnership between employees and the company, allowing staff the flexibility and support to achieve their full potential, whether they prefer the collaborative space of the office or the quiet and independence of remote working. It empowers employees to do their best work, makes them feel trusted to complete their tasks without being micromanaged, and rewarded with the freedom to achieve a better work-life balance. Even with a comprehensive remote working policy, companies still ensure that staff have regular meetings, sessions and more in the workplace – ensuring that networking and creativity flows freely.

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