Episode 82: Being A Force For Change with Rha Goddess and Move The Crowd

Who is Rha Goddess and the key takeaways in this episode?

Rha Goddess is the founder of Move The Crowd, offering world-class training for would-be entrepreneurs. She has used her years of experience and passion for social change solely for the benefit of others.

Listen to this inspiring interview and learn:

  • What Move The Crowd is all about
  • Rha’s tipping point when developing her business
  • Her advice for budding entrepreneurs
  • And much, much more

The Questions

Let’s talk about Move The Crowd. Where did you get the idea and what is it all about?

Answer:We are an entrepreneurial training company dedicated to helping mission-driven entrepreneurs stay true and do good. This movement, for us, is really about helping creative entrepreneurs to develop sustainable social impact models for the change they want to be in the world. We look at the integration of values, financial profitability and social impact.

Was there a monumental moment or tipping point for you when you realized you were on the right path?

Answer: It really started with this “come to Jesus” moment I had as a creative change agent. And while I recognized my place in making a difference in the world and the impact I was having on mission I cared about, touching lives and building international communities, it was not economically sustainable. If I was going to stay there then I needed to figure the money out. I went and got a very unorthodox business education. I sat at the feet of some very smart people who had built multi-million-dollar businesses from dust. I took all kinds of courses.

What company do you admire the most as it relates to culture, and why?

Answer:At the top of the list for me is Eileen Fisher. I have the privilege to known Eileen personally, and I’ve had the opportunity to be in close proximity to that company. It blew me away what she has built from founding it with $300 in the bank to now being worth half a billion dollars a year. She continues to iterate on impact; it is profound for me to watch. She’s my idol there, no question.

Culture According to Rha Goddess:

I believe it’s the being of a company. It’s who you are when nobody’s watching. At Move The Crowd, we define it as attitudes, beliefs, perceptions, lexicon and behavior.

Book Recommendations:

  • Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

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What Rha Goddess Wants Her Company to BE:

  • BE Devoted
  • BE Accountable
  • BE Supportive

Links and Resources Mentioned in this Interview:

Where to Find Rha Goddess:

  • Check out Move The Crowd website

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