Episode 78: A Career Worth Having with Reed Kean and Keller Williams

Who is Reed Kean and the key takeaways in this episode?

Reed Kean is the operating partner of Keller Williams, a real estate firm that is an excellent example of how you can use culture to accelerate your business. He has an exciting story to tell, and we can all learn something from the way he conducts his business.

Listen to this interesting and useful interview and find out:

    How Reed made a difference at Keller Williams

  • How defines company culture
  • Reed’s moment of clarity in business
  • And much, much more

The Questions

You started your journey a few years back with Keller Williams and created something different. How did you approach that and do it differently?

Answer:First, it was a great opportunity. Keller Williams was founded down in Austin, Texas in the 1980s, and it’s a franchise system. I was in the financial securities side as a broker, and also in the institutional side with a different company, and I liked the entrepreneurial side of things. I saw the opportunity to come in and help people in real estate. It’s something I knew; I liked numbers and I wanted to be able to help people, so I joined a local firm. It was a typical broker-agent relationship, and I was looking for more. I did some research with a couple of partners that I had, and people that were in my office were looking for different opportunities, so we came across Keller Williams. We went down to Austin, Texas and learned a little bit more about it. […] There was a win-win philosophy: it was by agents for agents. There was a true partnership between leadership and the agents. […] I saw an opportunity to get into e leadership and become an owner of a franchise. A couple of us got together and opened up our little office. It was a great opportunity for peer-to-peer referrals and to learn to grow an office and give the agents a different model, a more of a win-win opportunity.

Was there a monumental event that happened for you in the past three years about which you could tell us a story like, “Yeah, I know I’m on the right track,” a story you could share with us?

Answer: About three years ago, I was talking so my coach – because everybody can learn from it and another thing we offer here at Keller Williams is coaching – and he was having a deep conversation with me and he was saying, “Okay, what is your one thing?” I’ve got a plethora of things on my plate. I’ve got to do this, I’ve got to do that. So he said, “Listen, concentrate on this and get this done. Then this comes and that comes.” It was all about recruiting, it was all about retaining and making sure that what we were doing was going in the right direction and have a vibrant office and opportunities for our people. […] I remember exactly where I was when I was having a conversation with Mark King, who was my coach, and going through that. It was just getting clarity.

How have you incorporated the millennials into your business, making sure they’re comfortable and that the X-generation, Y-generation, the baby boomers all feel like everybody matters and can coexist together?

Answer:Everybody does matter, obviously. What we’ve done, whether it’s through architecture or community, is that we have a place where everybody can come in. We were rated the number one training company by Training magazine. A lot of millennials, or anybody really – it’s amazing when you see somebody who has an iPhone and they’re eighty years old, they’re going to take some pictures or send some text messages. We are technology savvy and a forward thinking company, and we cater to everybody because a lot of our trainees are online and in a lot of the books we give out in our real estate agencies. The company manual, as it were, is about to be re-released and we are agent-centric. We have all different types of training and all different capacities.

Culture According to Reed Kean:

We are by agents for agents, and our mission statement is: “Careers worth having, businesses worth owning and lives worth living.” To go back to our mission, it’s careers worth having and businesses worth owning, so we teach each of our agents to be a business owner. You make sure that the clients are happy and make sure the agents are doing things in a proactive way. We have a culture of sharing. We don’t have any locks here […] We have an open door, open drawers policy here.

Book Recommendations:

  • The One Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan

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What Reed Kean Wants His Company to BE:

  • BE Creative
  • BE Direct
  • BE For Others

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