Episode 77: Cultural Consistency with Mark Zurada and Shopography

Who is Mark Zurada and the key takeaways in this episode?

Mark Zurada is the CEO of Shopography, a tremendous product that mixes the best of Twitter and retail. He is a world-class problem solver and ranks with the best of them when it comes to using company culture to get the most out of his business.

Listen to this informative and entertaining interview and learn:

  • What Shopography is
  • The importance of a match between brand identity and internal culture
  • Mark’s tips for budding entrepreneurs
  • And much, much more

The Questions

What is Shopography and what does it do?

Answer:In short, what we’re aiming to be is the world best product recommendation platform. We want consumers to empower themselves to make informed buying decisions and express themselves with regard to the brands, products and things that they love. We bring together 130 million products from nearly every retailing brand in the country. We include automatic price comparison for each product and personalize everything our users do through machine learning and AI. When you log on to Shopography, you see only the products that are relevant to you and interesting to you.

When you joined the company, how important for you was it that the brand identity matched the internal structure?

Answer: It was massively important and one of the reasons why I took the job. It just looked like an awesome place to work. Part of it could be that there are very few offices in New York City that are even remotely architecturally amazing. It was impressive and consistent with their brand, and everything felt right. It was very convincing and it was very welcoming. For me, as a creative person, that was very important.

Is there a tip you could give our listeners who are building companies and cultures?

Answer:Your culture should be transparent and authentic, which means that you should project yourself outwardly as you actually are. Rather than doing one thing internally and sell something else and be something else outwardly – as I think millennials have amazing bullsh*t receptors, they’re not going to buy into these kind of shills. The truer you can be, the better off you’ll be. That’s why culture is even more important now than it could have ever been in the past. It’s just part of your brand.

Culture According to Mark Zurada:

It’s about structuring your company so you come across authentically, and don’t appear as though you’re doing one thing internally and saying something else outwardly. We want to be fairly transparent and trendy. When we hire people, we look for those types of traits.

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What Mark Zurada Wants His Company to BE:

  • BE Authentic
  • BE Yourself
  • BE Passionate

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