Episode 73: Dynamic Facilities to Match Dynamic Cultures

One of the greatest ways in which you can accelerate your company’s growth is to ensure that you create a dynamic facility to match what is surely a dynamic culture. As John often notes, it’s all about making the physical side of things live up to the expectations set by the emotional side.

Listen to this highly instructive interview and find out more about:

  • The key ways in which your facility should match your culture
  • How to make the most of product application
  • John’s tips for effective and efficient product application
  • And much, much more

The Questions

What is the most important thing to do in order to make sure that a company’s facility matches its culture?

Answer:Product application is key to the creation of dynamic office layouts. Imagine being able to walk into an automobile factory and pick out the wheels, the chassis, the engine, the interior, the car itself, and as you pick out every piece and part you understand the cost ramifications. You’re able to drive away with exactly what you wanted. I share this with you because you can do that with your facilities, and it’s called product application. It’s one of the key things to creating a lean, dynamic, cutting-edge facility. It’s about saying, “Can I take these pieces and parts, and assemble them together so that my facility matches what I’m doing as a company?”

How can I best apply the concept of product application?

Answer: You can’t just look in a catalog or go to a big box store and pull something off the shelf. It doesn’t work that way. You literally have to surround yourself with professionals. Imagine somebody who wants some technology built for them, or an app built for them. They don’t typically go and surround themselves with programmers who build tremendous apps. Instead, they think they can go and buy it off the shelf. Well, it doesn’t work that way either. So, what I’m sharing with you is that you should look at these dynamic companies that have these dynamic cultures, whether it be Zappos or whatever else you pick. […] You heard Lloyd Rosenberg talk about how designers pick dynamic facilities and how the culture impacts their design intent. It’s all there for you to take and use to build your company and do the right things for the people you’re working with.

Can you share any particular tips about how to approach the concept of product application and direct it towards company growth?

Answer:If you haven’t bought into the fact that product application and how you do this will affect the future growth of your company, I think you’re missing out on an opportunity to embrace greater growth, to build your culture stronger than it’s ever been, and to help people buy into what you’re doing. You should wake up every day and try to do it better than the day before. If you look at the bigger picture you should ask, “Do I understand what product application is? Do I understand what I’m trying to do?” It goes back to the previous episode about having a plan. Once you have a great plan, how do you execute it? Planning is the first part of it. Executing it is making sure that you have the right product application and you’ve put everything in where it belongs, so that it can be used, re-used and repurposed as you grow; there aren’t any throwaways.

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