Episode 72: Start-up Struggles

This one of a set of two solo episodes where John takes the time to tell us all a little more about what he has learned about the challenges that all his guests had to face up to and overcome. This episode is all about John’s impressions of the struggles of the average start-up.

Listen to this interesting monolog and find out:

  • How John thinks start-ups relate to culture
  • How they should go about finding the best people
  • John’s best tips for success
  • And much, much more

The Questions

Every episode I looked at physical culture as well as emotional culture: what does it look like and how do you make sure your facility mimics what you’re saying?

Answer:One of the interesting things that I have found is that most start-up companies struggle with scaling up their office growth. […] One of the things you ask when putting a facility together is making it scalable is, is it feasible? The answer to that is yes. It’s not as hard as it sounds. Most start-up companies have tremendous business plans and they have a growth pattern, but I have found that the majority of them don’t have a plan for the physical side of it. Instead, it just comes and goes, and it kind of flows. It’s really not something that’s focused on, and I think it’s a huge missed opportunity for people to set up a standard in their operation to create a kit of parts, if you will, so that you can create a facility that’s very lean but is cutting edge and at the correct price point.

A lot of people talk about how they interview people and how they bring people into their team, and how they hire slowly in order to make sure they have the right fit.

Answer: If you’re planning everything and synchronizing it, then you know that things go together. During the process of hiring someone, I would venture to say that most people don’t hire people at the snap of a finger. You have six or eight weeks where you’re interviewing and looking at different candidates. You have the time to do it if you’ve set it up correctly in the beginning.

The question you want to ask yourself is, “Have I done the correct planning and surrounded myself with the correct people?”

Answer:If you listen to all of these entrepreneurs and all these successful businesspeople, they all talk about surrounding themselves with people that get it and that are smarter than them in their different disciplines. I encourage my listeners to surround themselves with people that can help you plan effectively and plan for the long term, such that you get the biggest bang for your buck and you create the right image, one that folds right into the culture that you’re driving.

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