Robin Ducot - SVP Product Engineering, Docusign

Episode 69: Love Thy Customer with Robin Ducot and DocuSign

Who is Robin Ducot and the key takeaways in this episode?

Robin Ducot is the Senior Vice President of Product Engineering at DocuSign. She has an intimate understanding of what makes people tick and an unquenchable desire to make sure that her company provides the absolute best customer service that it can.

Listen to this inspiring and instructive interview and find out:

  • What Robin thinks makes DocuSign unique
  • Her definition of company culture
  • Her advice on hiring people
  • And much, much more

The Questions

Can you share with us what you think the one-of-one is that DocuSign brings to the table?

Answer:This company has a special love of people. We call ourselves the Docu-family and we have a love of people that spills into the products that we make because we actually care about the experience that people have. You might think that this is fairly pedestrian, but it can be quite technical and a lot of folks out in the market have very technical solutions that are hard for people to work with. For us it was really, from the start, about how we make this easy for people and how we make something that has a technically quite challenging background really simple for people to use.

At what point did you have that moment that you realized that “I am pretty good at bringing people together, creating teams, finding people?” Tell us a little about that.

Answer: I love people. I find them endlessly fascinating. I’ve always been pretty good at reading people and figuring them out. I think pretty early on when I first became a manager, it was being able to meet people, profile them and figure out what their strengths are and if they’re really talented, and see where they would fit best in our organization so that they could be successful. I just loved that process. I loved designing the organization. I loved designing and figuring out what skill sets were required in order to create a high functioning team, and then keeping people who could fit that. I guess I was pretty young, and I think that’s actually why I was successful as an executive pretty early on in my career. It’s just because I really enjoyed that process. People outside of my organization and out of my teams started coming to me and having me do interviews because I could always tell if anyone was going to be a cancer to the organization or a 10X-er, someone who brings ten times the outcome of a normal person.

What mistake do you see today, based upon your experiences, when managers are hiring people?

Answer:I think the biggest mistake people make is that they hire solely for skill set. They don’t consider the culture at all. This is especially true in technology, and I think it’s the case in other industries but this is my world. People tend to hire those about whom they think, “Oh, this guy’s a great engineer. He’s amazing, he’s so brilliant.” But the fact is that he’s a jerk! But they hire him anyway and he ends up poisoning the well of the team, regardless of his talent. That’s something that people really need to consider when they’re hiring someone. Don’t hire somebody just because they can do the job. Make sure they actually fit in with the team and add something to the group.

Culture According to Robin Ducot:

It’s really about the beliefs and behaviors that decide how companies and people interact with each other and handle their customers. If you can identify and define the culture by saying, “We are a family, and in our family these are the beliefs that we have,” then leadership needs to exemplify those beliefs.

Book Recommendations:

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