Episode 68: Creating a Higher Purpose with Guy Prandstatter and The Academy of Responsible Tattooing

Who is Guy Prandstatter and the key takeaways in this episode?

Guy Prandstatter has made the difficult transition from being a tattoo artist to being the founder of a business which is centered around helping people to help themselves and others. The Academy of Responsible Tattooing (ART) has created an inspiring and uplifting culture that enables everyone within it to be the best that they can be.

Listen to this enlightening interview and learn more about:

  • What Guy thinks of company culture
  • How culture helped Guy to accelerate his business
  • The advice he has to give to those of you just starting out
  • And much, much more

The Questions

Was there a monumental event, a tipping point, for you and your business, when you said, “Wow, okay. I know where we’re headed. I’ve surrounded myself with incredible people. It’s time to steer?”

Answer: I’d like to take credit for all this but the reality is that it wasn’t – I would say that the initial idea and inspiration and the creation of some of the material […] and the majority of the business successes were on my partner, whose name is Paul-Anthony Surdi. I brought him on at that monumental moment when I realized that I had something here and that I couldn’t – The things that I wasn’t great at were going to be the things that would prevent me from being worldwide. My partner, Paul, is a brilliant marketing genius. There are just so many things that I’m not great at that he is, so we’re a perfect partnership. […] That was the day that we really started on this amazing journey for real.

Can you tell us a story about how your culture helped you to accelerate your business?

Answer: My business couldn’t exist without having a definitive culture. Tattoo artists in general are transient and territorial. I couldn’t go into all of the existing tattoo cultures; so much of it is not conducive to building the kind of business that I’m building. My culture is built on people helping each other, supporting each other and having each other’s dreams in mind. So in the beginning when I took those first five graduates and I trained them personally the agreement I made with them was: “Well, we’re going to bring you on board. Your job is now helping me create five more. I need your help.” With the next five or so we constantly kept infusing inside of everyone who came through the idea of “I don’t care if you were here only a day longer than that other guy. You know a day more and you can help that person get on the right page here.” We’ve created a culture of people helping each other through a very difficult process. No one person can do it on their own.

Is there something that happens on a regular basis and you rub your forehead and say, “Man, stop doing that?”

Answer: Most of these things are born in ego. It’s all about some person’s ego stuff. That’s where being a better human being comes in at times. It’s learning how to put your ego away. I’m a driven dude, I’m an “ego” guy too. I have a huge ego. I want success. I want a lot of things out of life, you know. But I guess in some little way I’ve learned how to put my commitments before my ego […] and create a higher purpose for everything.

Culture According to Guy Prandstatter:

It’s the collective understanding or agreement that everybody in your company has to buy into. It’s much like a coach would do on a basketball team. They have a certain belief system that they all buy into. It’s that coach’s job to get everybody to buy in. If everybody’s on the same page, you’ve got a shot at winning it all. […] It’s a collective buy-in.

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Book Recommendations:

  • Think and Grow Rich by Greg Habstritt and Napoleon Hill

What Guy Prandstatter Wants His Company to BE:

  • BE Humble
  • BE Inspirational
  • BE Hustling

Links and Resources Mentioned in this Interview:

  • The ART Website

Where to Find Guy Prandstatter:

  • Take a look at his profile on the company website

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