Mark Cortazzo

Episode 65: Keeping Your Clients’ Interests at Heart with Mark Cortazzo and MACRO Consulting Group

Who is Mark Cortazzo and the key takeaways in this episode?

Mark Cortazzo firmly believes that there’s nothing better than putting your clients first. His company, MACRO Consulting Group, was founded on the principle that your clients are absolutely key if you want to enjoy any kind of success in business.

Listen to this truly eye opening interview and learn:

  • How Mark defines company culture
  • Why his clients are his number one priority
  • Mark’s indispensable advice for new entrepreneurs
  • And much, much more

The Questions

I know you guys from MACRO Consulting a little bit and I know that you take a little bit of a different view of things. You have a tremendous core value with what you do, and you really won’t participate on any other level that’s not at the highest level of integrity. Let’s talk about that a little bit, Mark. That didn’t just happen, did it?

Answer:You know, what’s funny is that it’s actually a really good business model. It takes a little bit more time for you to realize that it’s a better business model than that of somebody who is taking their own interest over the client’s. Our client retention rate is incredibly high, in the high 90’s percentage-wise. When we had major downturns in the early 2000’s and in 2008 our client retention was extremely strong because they knew that we had their best interests at heart and that there were things that happened beyond our control. We have very strong relationships with our clients.

How did you succeed in making sure that the physical side of your culture matched the emotional side of your culture?

Answer: It’s interesting in that what we do is not tangible. It’s not selling cars where you get to stick the key into the ignition and hear the roar of an engine, and you get that new car smell and you drive away with something that you’re touching. At best we give people some charts and graphs with some numbers on, so I think that with the main thing that you do, whether it’s the envelopes you use to mail something or what your cards look like or what your office physically looks like, the attention to detail there says a lot about the attention to detail in everything that you do. So if someone comes in to us they get served coffee in a china cup and they get cold drinks served to them in a glass. There are no paper cups or styrofoam. It probably ended up being cheaper to get nice glasses and china cups than it would be to buy styrofoam and paper every time somebody comes in. That wasn’t the objective though. The objective was that this is something tangible. It is attention to detail that is very, very important. Our office was gutted space and we got to design it exactly the way we wanted.

I want you to share some advice with these entrepreneurs who are starting to hire and build these phenomenal companies around great cultures. What can you give them, Mark?

Answer:That’s a really deep question. What we’ve done is I’ve got to feel good about what we do every day. I think that the people who work with you need to feel that with what they do every day, and you’ve got to find something that’s your passion. One of the biggest mistakes that entrepreneurs make is that they focus on the bottom line right out of the box. I think they’re much better off focusing on their passion.

Culture According to Mark Cortazzo:

It’s having every person in the organization being client-focused. Whatever the problem is we’re their advocates, so if you go back to a custodian of theirs if there’s a problem with a trade, a check or a wire then everyone, whether it’s the person who’s answering the phone or doing paperwork or it’s a client-facing adviser, needs to be client-focused. That’s who pays every person in our organization. […] Without them there’s no money to pay anybody.

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Book Recommendations:

  • The Black Swan by Nassim Nicholas Taleb

What Mark Cortazzo Wants His Company to BE:

  • BE Client-focused
  • BE Caring
  • BE Detail-oriented

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