Optimize Your Workspace: Tips for Small Commercial Offices

Bigger is not always better, especially when it comes to office space. Instead of looking for a bigger building to rent, it’s important to first evaluate your current office layout. Do you really not have enough space for your employees? Or is there too much clutter in the office that takes up valuable real estate? That’s where BE Furniture in New Jersey comes into play. In this article, our team has compiled helpful office product, organization, and layout recommendations best suited for smaller commercial offices.

#1 – Clear Out the Clutter

Just like our homes, our office spaces can quickly get cluttered up, affecting efficiency and how you use the space. First, do a full evaluation of what’s in your office, going through files, equipment, and furnishings to work out what you and your team really need. While there are businesses that can do this for you, it’s worth considering giving your team a quiet day of work where they come in and help to declutter.

#2 – Rethink Your Layout

The way your office functions for your employees is determined in large part by the layout. As your business changes, your layout needs to change too, so it’s a good opportunity to look at the space with fresh eyes. Reflect on the needs of each team and look at the strengths and weaknesses of the space you have. Moving departments around, removing partition walls, as well as maximizing window access will help make the space feel larger and work more functionally.

#3 – Consider Your Office Furniture

An upgrade to more modern office furniture can make a huge difference in how your space is used and can maximize the square footage of your office layout. Old, large units can be replaced with sleek, minimalist units. Storage space can be included in cubicles, reception desks, and other vertical spaces. Bulky desks and stations can be replaced with hotdesking units or compact workstations. For a space to work, the furnishings need to be correctly sized to allow traffic to move freely and create spaces for different departments, functions, and teams.

#4 – Introduce Physical Flexibility into the Space

Your office layout can be flexible by adding in movable dividers, expandable tables, multifunctional spaces, and modular furnishings. This can be used to create private workspaces, client meeting areas, collaborative spaces, and more, making the entire square footage of your office space work for your business. This is ideal in businesses that have seldom-used spaces like boardrooms and meeting rooms that are essential, but go unused the majority of the time.

#5 – Introduce Modern Ways to Work

The traditional office design has always been evolving, and today is no different. Maybe your space is too small for all your employees since you’ve started growing – but perhaps it will be more effective to introduce a hybrid or flexible work program rather than moving to a larger, more expensive space. This way, you can optimize the space you have for essential on-site staff, create casual working space for remote employees to use when they need to, and keep your business growing at the same time.

BE Furniture – Making Office Space Work

BE Furniture is a leading supplier of office design services and office furniture in New Jersey, helping our clients to maximize productivity and safety through the delivery of budget-friendly, high-impact designs and furniture solutions. We love a challenge, and that includes optimizing functionality through expert commercial office design!

Contact us today to talk about small office interior design ideas that improve privacy, support collaboration, and help your business grow.

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