Is An Open Space Office Design Best For Business?

modern office design ideas

In an effort to increase productivity, company wellness and professional image, businesses are always looking for new ways to revamp their space. Modern office design ideas favor the open plan office – but is it really the best option?

The pros and cons of the open plan office

This design is all about communication and collaboration – bringing even the most introverted employees into the conversation in order to drive problem-solving, creative thinking, and productivity. They are also more affordable to create and maintain, reducing overheads and minimizing equipment costs.

Another benefit is that they are easier to manage, as all your employees are out in the open and managers can track the progress and productivity of multiple employees with a single glance.

So, what are the cons?

Simply put, they’re noisy. More noise from people talking, operating printers and other equipment, and even simply typing on their keyboards. Instead of increased collaboration, many employees often find that they have to wear big, chunky headphones just to cut out the conversations around them and let people know that they don’t want to be bothered.

The agile work environment alternative

“Agility” has become a big word in business, and the concept revolves around having the flexibility and resources to change and react quickly as an opportunity requires – and it works the same way when applied to office space. Known as “Activity-based working”, it refers to having a range of office spaces to suit different work as they are required. Closed, quiet offices kept separated from meeting places, open desks and brainstorming rooms – all equally accessible to anyone who needs them, as they are needed. This provides the benefits of open-plan office design with a more balanced alternative for quieter or more private work tasks.

Creating contemporary office interiors for forward-thinking companies

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