Office Wall Art is the last 5% of Your Company Culture


Art is often the last thing organizations consider when designing a new office, but just because it’s a finishing touch doesn’t mean it’s not important! Color, texture, and art can be just as impactful on employee productivity and wellness as ergonomic chairs, natural lighting, and great tech – when it’s done right. Here’s why it is important to have art in the office and some different types of art for the office to inspire you.

No more monotony

We’ve all worked in offices that feel so generic and dull that we can feel the enthusiasm and energy drain out of us as we walk in the door. And we’re not alone – studies have shown that to inspire your employees, the environment must be inspiring too. Well-decorated, colorful, artistic offices are filled with people who are more motivated, healthier, and happier – exactly the kind of attitude that results in more productivity, better problem-solving, and higher levels of engagement.

Why art matters in the workplace

  • Color – Different colors have an immediate and measurable impact on our psychology, with blue creating feelings of reliability and competence, green inspiring new life and creativity, and red inspiring us to be bold and agile. You can help inspire these feelings and attitudes, supporting productivity through a splash of color.
  • Values – Art can show your employees and clients what you value and what you’re striving for, helping to create a powerful company culture. There’s a reason why The Charging Bull is outside the New York Stock Exchange! You can express this through the messages from the artwork you choose (for example, using vintage movie posters for a production company) or through the artists you support (for example, using local artists if you’re focused on becoming a community-based brand). Your art will remind your employees why they’re there, what matters, and what they’re working towards.
  • Health and wellness – Interestingly, art helps to ease tension and frustration, lower levels of anger, and reduce stress. This is beneficial on two levels – helping employees focus and be productive through the day and helping reduce negative impacts on their wellbeing that can lead to absenteeism, illness, and disengagement. By making the workplace a happier, healthier place, it also helps to build more collaborative, functional teams.

Creating a productive atmosphere in the workplace with BE Furniture

At BE Furniture, we can handle every element of your office remodel, from design and fitment though to choosing the perfect finishing touches. We work with you to bring your values and office culture to life, support your growth, and help your employees through a space that supports creativity, innovation, and productivity. If you need assistance with a full office remodel, choosing different types of art for the office, or stamping a new space with your brand, give us a call today. We are based in New Jersey and work throughout the tristate area. To know more visit – https://www.befurniture.com/

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