What Does your Office Space say about your Business?

The Benefits Of Using Collaborative Office Furniture To Design Your Creative Space

It’s no secret that first impressions count, and for your clients, your office design and interior has a lot to say. Just think about what Google’s new, innovative Mountain View office design says about their commitment to their employees, clients and community? Or what Apple’s space-age office space says about their commitment to cutting-edge technology and pushing the limits of what’s possible? Now look at your office space and think about what it says about your business.

The Office Culture and Perception of Success 

The culture of your company is simply the personality of your business – it’s character, values, traditions and behaviors. Essentially, your office space should say something about what your company values and what you do – collaboration and creativity, technical and individual work, private client work, etc. More creative businesses often reflect this in open, flexible workspaces with funky and unusual décor, while more corporate businesses – for example, legal offices – will have more small, private spaces.

Office spaces are also a lot like an outfit – they communicate power, success and ambition. Certain office spaces are deliberately designed to almost intimidate, using architecture, expensive art and fittings to demonstrate their ability to beat their competitors. Other office spaces offer a more relaxed space, and generally emphasize employee wellness and happiness along with a welcoming but competent atmosphere for clients.

The Management Style 

The closer a team works together with their manager, the more open and transparent your office space tends to be. This shows that your business emphasizes communication, open door policies and strong collaborative teamwork. In contrast, office spaces where management are located far away from other employees and are closed off in offices often indicates a more traditional workplace that emphasizes structure and hierarchical power over free-flowing, flexible structures.

If you want to increase employee performance and motivation, studies emphasize that creating open, relaxed spaces and bringing management and team members together can be highly rewarding. At the same time, having some quiet, private spaces for board meetings, client meetings or individual work, can help balance the increased noise and lack of privacy that open spaces involve.

Achieve the Right First Impression with Modern Office Design Ideas and Furniture 

BE Furniture is a full-service contemporary office furniture supplier, modern office design and fitment specialist dedicated to delivering a dynamic office space that suits your unique needs. In addition to designing and installing our architectural glass walls for offices, we also offer a wide range of office furniture solutions, from reception desks to ergonomic chairs and value-added environmentally-sensitive products that offer cost-effective and creative solutions.

For more information on our products and services, or to explore our contemporary office furniture ideas, visit our website.

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