Office Color Psychology: Which Colors are Best for Your Office?

Which Colors are Best for Your Office

Creatures of habit may avoid adding colors to their wardrobe, never mind when it comes to designing their new office space! However, the right color may be just what you need to support effective employee retention, productivity, and comfort. There is proven psychology behind this, and many studies have shown that tapping into color psychology can not only improve your employees’ job satisfaction but can also positively impact how clients and visitors perceive your business. In this article, the team at BE Furniture will discuss different color options, their psychology, and how you can incorporate them into your office design.

Blue – Competence, Productivity, Reliability

Blue color schemes are well-known for creating a calm and relaxing atmosphere, helping the mind stay stable and focused on the task at hand. Bright blues will introduce an aspect of boldness, innovation, and energy, while softer blues promote a more subtle and gentle sense of tranquility. Adding bold blues to a collaborative space would be a good choice for supporting strong communication during brainstorming sessions, while softer grey blues are well-suited for focused, task-based work like research, reporting and data entry.

Green – Nature, Life, and Serenity

Understandably, green is deeply associated with the natural world, giving us a link to nature, open spaces, and the world beyond our cities and towns. For this reason, it’s an important color in biophilic design, a wellness-driven design concept that aims to support mental and physical health through natural elements in the workplace. Of course, it’s also about the shade of green you choose. Deep forest greens and sage greens ease stress and feel peaceful, while bright lime greens inspire creativity, new ideas, and growth. Workspaces, relaxation areas, and receptions are well-suited to soft and natural greens, while collaborative spaces can benefit from brighter shades.

Yellow – Bright, Positive Energy

Yellow represents the bright optimism of a new day, with all shades offering a sense of positivity and renewal. This makes it a great color for creative spaces like meeting rooms, collaborative spaces, marketing agencies, designers, and developers. A warm and buttery yellow or ochre gives the space a more grounded, earthy feel, while brighter lemon yellows feel vibrant and fresh.

Red – Bold, Agile, and Conquering

Nothing stands out quite like red. Rich, vibrant and eye-catching, it’s a color that draws attention like no other. Red is widely used in high-energy spaces like gyms because of its psychological effect on the mind and body. It wakes us up, increases our heart rate and blood flow, and even boosts appetite. Whether it’s a bright cherry red or a rich burgundy, reds should be used in spaces of action and high traffic, and where confidence is key, like cafeterias, hallways, and conference rooms.

White and Neutrals – Space, Light, and Cohesiveness

White and neutrals will never go out of style in office color trends, but they do need to be used carefully to avoid becoming boring. These colors work to open up a space, complement other colors and prevent them from becoming overwhelming and help showcase key elements of your design. A living wall of plants, for example, will look striking against a white wall, using a soft grey can help balance the energy of a bold yellow wall, and neutral furnishings will help reflect light through the space.

As you can see, getting the most out of office color psychology is just as much about the colors you choose as to how and where you use them. Because of their impact, color should be an integral part of office space design and considered as carefully as your furnishings and layout. That’s where our office design and fit-out specialists come in, offering expertise and creativity to make your office space more functional, more enjoyable, and more effective. Talk to us today to find out more about our office space design services in NJ, or visit our website at: https://www.befurniture.com/

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