Okay, You Designed Your New Office Space… Now What?

You designed your ideal office space, now you need someone to build it. But how do you go about hiring a contractor for a complex office building? What are the key things to look for before hiring someone to take on the specifics of your buildout project? Who you decide on will make a world of difference in how the final product turns out (no pressure). So it’s important to make sure the future of your office space is in the right hands. With that said, here is our guide of key components to consider before hiring a commercial contractor. 

  • Costs Involved – Do you already have office furniture that can be reused or repurposed? Is there a complex construction element in your architectural plan that can be simplified to reduce building costs? The right commercial contractor will have this type of mindset and will avoid constant upcharges. At BE, our first mindset is to repurpose, reuse and recycle. We perform an analysis of your company and see what preexisting construction and furniture will work with the new vision for your space. At BE, we value the relationships we cultivate with each client and really appreciate helping clients achieve their goals on time and under budget.
  • The New Meaning of a Safe Office Workspace – The world has changed, which means businesses have also changed. It’s safe to say most employees will feel a sense of apprehension to return to office after being quarantined for several months. As an ethical employer, it’s your job to make them feel safe, secure and welcomed back into the office. Whoever you decide to hire for your office buildout should have a strong grasp on legitimate employee concerns and COVID-compliant installations. You really need to have people who understand how to do this right, especially if you want to maintain your workflow, your culture and overall employee retention. BE thoroughly understands the complications COVID-19 brings into the workplace, and has advised past and present clients with their Return to Office plans. For more information on our Return to Office strategies, click here.
  • Contractor Experience: What Sets Them Apart from Competition? – Building out your office space typically involves a lot of moving parts. What if any of your old office furniture will you keep? Who is performing the demo work? What will you do with employees and the furniture you’re planning to keep while your space is being demolished? Our partner, BE Builds will deal with all of this – every single problem that comes your way. With over 40 years of experience on both union and non-union construction sites, we have seen every issue that comes with office buildout and we have learned how to solve each one successfully.
  • Interior Furnishing Plan – Obviously after your new space is built, you will need to install your furniture. Partnerships with office furniture companies range from those who want to just drop-ship all the furniture and leave the installation up to you, to others who operate at a higher level, which involves an analysis of your environment, your workflow, your company’s culture – and everything in between. At BE, we are the latter. We pride ourselves on the client-centric approach we take with each customer. Tell us about who you are and what you plan to achieve – the more you tell us, the better. We truly want to be part of the journey to your dream business environment.

BE Addresses All Office Buildout Concerns in New Jersey

It’s simple: whatever problem arises during your project, you want to work with someone who will face it head-on. Our sister company, BE Builds is well equipped to handle all the challenges that come with office build outs. The experienced project managers at BE Builds will take care of  the architectural drawings, design mockups, obtaining proper municipality permits, demolition, garbage removal, and more. 

At BE, we solve problems. We solve problems, so you don’t have to. To get started on your office buildout, contact BE Builds for a free consultation at: https://bebuilds.com/contact/


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