New Wellness Initiatives for The Workplace

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With the renewed interest to prioritize all forms of employee health in the workplace, it’s a good idea to look into new wellness initiatives to introduce to your business. This can mean investing in office health and safety products like body temperature kiosks and HEPA-filtered air purification systems or encouraging more physical exercise through a dedicated office fitness center. After all, employee wellness is key to strong employee retention after “The Great Resignation”! Here are some new wellness initiatives you can introduce to your returning employees from our office specialists at BE Furniture.

Health Education

It might sound a little like going back to school, but health education is one of the best ways to empower your people to live healthier lives! Rather than covering the basics, bring in specialists regularly for talks and even classes. These can include workshops and seminars on biokinetics, nutrition, meditation, First Aid skills, yoga, and much more, covering topics from injury prevention and fixing back pain to reading food labels and portion control.

Health screenings

Most of us suffer from one health issue or another, but we often push these to the side to get on with the job at hand. The problem is that they tend to get worse without treatment, and that means struggling to get through a day’s work or even taking sick days. Health screenings give people a comprehensive picture of what is going on with their health, from their blood pressure and cholesterol to energy levels. And it’s a great opportunity to ask a specialist about any small issues and get advice without having to take time off work and pay for an appointment!

Free or subsidized health support

Getting healthy isn’t always easy and it’s often expensive too! To help support and motivate your employees on their health journey, think about ways you can make it a little easier. This could be a free pass to a program that will help you quit smoking, confidential support for depression/anxiety/substance abuse, discounts on gym memberships, and more. You can also make this fun – for example, having a chef teach your team 5 healthy meals they can make easily at home and turning it into a small social event.

Motivational challenges

It’s also very difficult to stay motivated on your health journey when junk food is so easily available and when you’re tired from a day’s work – but that’s where wellness initiatives can help too! Keep in mind your employee’s health and fitness and try to make these as accessible as possible. For example, unless you are a pretty physically fit team, a running group probably isn’t going to take off, but a walking group might! You can join fun charity 5kms and community events, raise money for great initiatives, win prizes, and help motivate each other to stay committed to your goals.

The key to a well and healthy workplace is making these initiatives as accessible and rewarding as possible, making sure that there is something for everyone and that it’s all about positivity and good health. It’s about having a workplace culture that is supportive, motivating, and innovative – and your office design should reflect this too.

BE Furniture is a leading supplier of office design services and office furniture in New Jersey, with an innovative approach that supports productivity, health, and engaged, positive work culture. We love a challenge, and that includes using design to optimize wellness in the workplace!

Contact us today to talk about wellness initiatives in the workplace that meet and exceed office health and safety regulations – and help your business grow. Visit – https://www.befurniture.com/

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