How Millennials Are Changing The Workspace

It seems like every day we’re confronted with a new article about what Millennials are doing, thinking or ruining now, but the truth is that this generation is bringing some interesting changes to the workplace. Here’s some insight into the modern office design ideas that are changing the way we work.

Office design affects the way we work 

The Internet-first generation makes it easier than ever before to collect and analyze data from surveys and studies, and these have shown that there’s a clear link between an environment’s physical design and décor, and the state of mind of the people who work there. In fact, 77% of interviewed respondents on LinkedIn said that art in the workplace makes them feel happier, and that 27% said that good décor made them more productive.

It’s true that the workplace changes with each generation, and Millennials are bringing their own brand of flavor to the workplace, including:

  • Non-conventional workplaces: While Baby-Boomers were characterized in the workplace as placing a high priority on their own space and privacy – like having your own office – Millennials have shown a distinct favor for going against this tradition. This has led to the rise of collaborative workspaces, flexible furniture, and even flexible floorplans. Cubicles have fallen far out of favor, replaced with more casual, open environments that encourage an easy flow throughout the office.
  • Leaning into technology: Previous generations have demonstrated a resistance or even fear of technology – the idea that machines will come along and replace you. Millennials have turned this on its head by fully buying into the reality that tech is here to stay. Not only does this support a move towards non-conventional office design and working on-the-go, it’s also about creating a slick and in-touch image for your brand.
  • Design with purpose and pleasure: These days, many of us can and do work from anywhere. Even if people have an office, you’ll often see them getting work done wherever they are – coffee shops are a favorite, but so are co-working spaces and outdoor plazas. People are choosing spaces not only because they are conducive to different working styles, but because they take pleasure in their surroundings, and this is causing companies to take a look at their offices and move towards creating a similarly pleasurable and functional space. A big part of this trend is a move towards contemporary office furniture and decor that promote wellness and are environmentally sustainable, from ergonomic desks and chairs to recycled materials and Green policies.

Creating contemporary office interiors for every industry 

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