A Look into the Design of Googles Offices in California

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Google has come a long way since the two founders sat working in their friend’s Menlo Park garage in 1997, and the new office campus in Mountain View – nicknamed the Googleplex – perfectly illustrates this journey. A marriage of architectural design and billion-dollar business set for completion in 2019, the latest plans for this campus are the epitome of modern office design ideas.

Futuristic Canopy Roof Design

Set in Charleston East, and the first offices that the company has built from the ground up, this futuristic office design is focused around a massive 595,000 square foot, 2-storey building covered with a massive, petal-like tent roof. Not just simply an eye-catching statement, this canopy has been expertly designed to regulate climate and air quality within the building, as well as minimize noise.

Integration of Wildlife, Nature and Low-Impact Living

Another impressive feature of the campus is the priority placed on natural integration with California’s flora and fauna, as well as healthy living. It features a sweeping waterway, indigenous natural parks and fields, increased habitat space for local burrowing owls, as well as bike tracks, yoga spaces, and even a playground. This fits in seamlessly with Google’s emphasis on employee wellness and the recognition that meeting these wellness goals makes for happier, more productive and more loyal employees.
These spaces also make for the ideal quiet spots that every modern office space needs, where employees can relax, have quiet meetings and collaborate conveniently without disturbing those around them. This is in line with their philosophy of “rethinking office space” to “lead to a better way of working”, according to David Radcliffe, the company’s Vice President for Real Estate.

Moving, Adaptable Buildings for Flexible, Dynamic Office Use

While many companies are embracing flexibility in terms of office design and how employees will use various spaces, Google has taken this idea and really expanded on it to put their own, personal touch on the concept. Taking from their own experience of working in and adapting immovable concrete office spaces, the company’s forward-thinking design is taking the innovative step of developing lightweight, block-like office structures that can then be moved as needed around the campus. This allows Google to maximize agility and flexibility when it comes to bringing employees and departments together on different products and projects as their needs change.

And the Public Get to Enjoy it too!

For the first time, Google’s office campus will have a new factor to manage – public access. Designed to also incorporate the greater Mountain View community, the space will be open for public use, so locals and visitors can benefit from this unique office design, parks, retail spaces and more, making it a functional and exciting local attraction.

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