What kind of workspace works best

Workspaces aren’t just about having a room and furniture where you can sit down at a computer, they actively affect employee job satisfaction and productivity. This makes creating the right kind of modern office workspace vital to the success of your business. Here’s a useful breakdown of what the most popular options have to offer.

The open-plan office space

This is a very popular option for businesses because it works out to be very cost-effective. Organizations do report better communication, easier supervision and increased collaboration as a result, but in reality, the real gains are in the cheaper construction that requires fewer walls, can accommodate more people and require less servicing (including air conditioner venting etc.).

Generally, these office spaces work well when businesses are looking to enhance teamwork and a great option to incorporate collaborative office furniture.

Private office spaces

These offer the quiet and privacy that many people find optimal to their productivity, but keep in mind that they are very space-intensive to build. In most workplaces, these areas are reserved for upper management positions, but more and more offices are including shared private workspaces where numbers of employees are limited to a smaller number per office, or communal private offices that can be used as and when required by any employee who needs it on a temporary basis, like for a meeting or private client call.

Cubicle office spaces

Big in the 1960 and 70s, these office cubicle spaces are something halfway between an open-plan design and a private office. Unfortunately, noise is still a major concern here and mass cubicle workplaces can have negative psychological effects on employees that can lead to decreased engagement and lower productivity.

Hot desks

Hot-desking is the latest in contemporary office furniture ideas and modern office concepts. Essentially, it’s where employees don’t have a fixed desk from which they work. Rather, they are able to work in a range of workspaces on a first-come-first-served basis. Flexibility is key here, and employers focus on creating a smaller number of different workspaces (like shared desks, lounging areas and private offices) and combine this with remote working (working from home) and flexitime hours to encourage employees to work when and where they feel most productive. This approach creates significant savings for the company, has a positive effect on productivity and works for almost every industry or company size. Check out our adjustable height desks for some hot-desking inspiration.

Create the ideal contemporary office interior for your business today

At BE Furniture, we’re more than just a supplier of contemporary office furniture and interiors – we’re a partner who goes the extra mile to supply your company with the ideal space to help your business operate with optimal efficiency. We can supply you with a wide range of value-added and environmentally-sensitive office products as well as plan and fit out your office remodel.

For more information on our products and services, please contact us today and visit our website at https://www.befurniture.com/

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