Is Your Office Ready for the 5G Workforce?

Often, office design focuses on the generation entering the workforce, how they’re changing things and what needs to change to accommodate them. But the reality is that people are working from an earlier age to a later age, making it essential that the office of the future can accommodate five generations together. Here’s some insight into this 5G workplace and what it means, from the commercial office furniture specialists.

Retirement is a Thing of the Past

For most people, retirement is a luxury and not an expectation, so they’re going to keep active in the workforce well after the traditional retirement age of 65. There are many reasons for this, including our longer and more healthy life expectancy and a lack of savings culture. This generation has considerable value to the workforce, with unmatched experience and hands-on knowledge.

In terms of office design, this means not simply catering to the incoming generations. Office social spaces can’t be age specific and have to be more inclusive – you can’t just simply have beanbags on the floor. These spaces are critical to passing on skills and knowledge, so it’s vital to have more varied and adaptable meeting spaces. It also means having distraction-free zones where people can escape the noise and digitization of the workplace.

Agile Office Design

The way we consume, create and deliver products and services is always changing, and businesses are adopting more agile organizational approaches to meet these challenges – but this applies to workplace design too. Different generations, personality types and roles require different things from their workplace in order to realize their full potential for engagement and contribution, and office design needs to rise to this challenge. This means greater work flexibility (working remotely, working flexible hours or working from home) and different spaces within the office designated according to function rather than workflow. We’re already seeing an increase in office designs that include town hall spaces and brainstorm labs where people come together to collaborate and innovate, then move away to their preferred workspace in order to fulfill discussed tasks.

Multi-Generational, Agile, Inclusive Office Design from Commercial Office Furniture Specialists

Great commercial office furniture is comfortable, functional and beneficial to your brand as well as the comfort and health of your employees! It’s critical to work with the right partner to develop a space that showcases your brand and puts multi-generational employee engagement, productivity and health first.

BE Furniture is a New Jersey-located company that strives to meet all your contemporary office furniture and office design needs. We can assist you with everything from furniture selection, architectural walls and contemporary office interiors to remodeling and furniture recycling. For more information on the latest modern office chairs, ergonomic desks, and standing office desks, please contact us today or visit our website at https://www.befurniture.com/

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