Is Your Office Disability-Friendly and ADA Compliant?

Is Your Office Disability-Friendly and ADA Compliant

Sure, it’s first priority to make your office aesthetically pleasing and efficient with top of the line workstations, ergonomic chairs and modern design pieces. However, your office also needs to be easily accessible to those with disabilities and different needs. A major part of the office design process is ensuring you maintain your brand image, while also making your workspace compliant with ADA guidelines. Here at BE, our office design specialists outline why having a disability-friendly and ADA compliant office space is so important – and we can help you achieve this and more through our office design services in New Jersey.

It’s about more than compliance

Of course, there are state and federal laws that mandate your office is ADA compliant, and it’s important to review and understand these laws when you begin the office design process. But this is about so much more than just being compliant with the law. Here’s why: 

  • Diverse teams are more productive, driving value creation and higher revenue than those that are less diverse
  • As organizations strive to grow and bring in more talent, disability hiring is on the rise to give you access to the skills and people your organization needs
  • Organizations recognized as Disability Champions by Accenture had 28% higher revenue and 30% higher economic profits than their peers
  • Neurodiverse hiring is rising as organizations reap the rewards of increasing their team diversity, which includes a 30% higher productivity rate


Let’s not forget about clients, customers and vendors either. Having a disability-friendly and ADA compliant office space makes it welcoming and accessible to all, helping to build wider, stronger networks to drive customer retention, growth and much more.

Simple office solutions to bring in big rewards

When it comes to office design, there are so many great ways to make your space not only compliant, but a great space for anyone to work or utilize. Here are some ideas to inspire you.

  • Be aware of disabilities in your office – About 30% of the workforce has a disability, and not all are visible or require the same solutions or approach. Disabilities can include learning disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, mobility limitations, hearing loss, visual impairment, and much more. Your space needs to support everyone, whether their disability is mental or physical, visible or invisible.
  • Focus on accessibility tools – Wheelchair ramps and braille signs are a good start, but there’s no need to stop there. Think out of the box and invest in technologies like closed captioning, live call transcription, narrator-to-read text applications, and more. This type of technology can be implemented across the board, so that all employees and team members can collaborate and communicate with ease.
  • Consider your amenities and furnishings – Widen doorways and keep corridors clear, invest in accessible toilets, modified desks and chairs, adjustable lighting, lower countertops, and other elements in the physical environment that can support a more disability-friendly environment.
  • Policies – Remote working is a disability-friendly option if you have the right collaborative tools and remote working policies in place. This option can also help free up space in your office, allowing you to implement disability-friendly design into your workspace for those employees who will work onsite (regardless of their disability status). 

    BE Office Design Experts Ensure a Disability Accessible and ADA Compliant Design that’s on Brand with your Company

    BE Furniture is a custom office design business specializing in the development and building of innovative office interiors. Passionate about delivering spaces that are not just an office, we firmly believe that customizing each office design to a client’s specific goals helps to create happier, healthier, and more productive spaces that are both disability and ADA compliant. Call our team today about reimagining your office space to make it more practical, functional, and purposeful for everyone. You could also visit our website to learn more about our current office design projects and the markets we serve: https://www.befurniture.com/


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